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The tiny island of Cyprus is holding up the rest of Europe in slapping sanctions against Belarus.

Cyprus has blocked the long-awaited EU sanctions against Belarus, insisting that the bloc should first sanction Turkey

EU fails to agree on Belarus sanctions after Cyprus blocks plan

Belarus Protests Continue Amid Mass Arrests, Leak of Police Officer Data

More than 80,000 servicemen from Belarus, Armenia, China, Pakistan and Myanmar are taking part in exercises in Russia. Watch more videos from Sky News here:

As weeks of protests in Belarus continue, women have been a central presence, with the UN saying “the continuing fight for democracy in Belarus has a female face.” "We don’t have fear, we just don’t have a choice," one protester said.

Belarus opposition leader meets EU to urge sanctions #AFP  📸 John Thys

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Some severely injured, Belarus victims of dictatorial thug Alexander Lukashenko's repression tell their stories while recovering after escaping to Latvia


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Protesters in Belarus told me Americans should know how hard it is to fight for democracy after it’s been taken away.

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11. The royal family. In this dimension, Trump acts more like a monarch than even Putin. (but watch Lukashenko and his gun-toting teenage son in Belarus)The many Trump family members who performed this week - even a girlfriend got a slot - went beyond even what Putin does.

"Maria Kolesnikova, the last prominent protest leader in Belarus still at large, vanished on Monday. Local news media outlets reported that she had been grabbed off the street by masked kidnappers in the center of the capital."

Belarus arresting the leaders of the opposition today, one by one. This would be a propitious time for an American president to *care*, to say so, to brush back Putin, to act like there's a reason the holder of the US presidency used to get called the leader of the free world.

Lukashenko ordered all red and white (pro-democracy) Belarus flags removed from buildings. So the people are making do... ht @ValzhynaMort 

In Belarus, Lukashenko is now strutting around carrying a machine gun.

I am confident that every other president in my lifetime would be speaking forcefully in support of the pro democracy protesters in Belarus. This is a shameful abdication of American leadership.

BBC: Security forces now shooting at protesters with live rounds in Belarus

Coronavirus: Belarus president refuses to cancel anything - and says vodka and saunas will ward off coronavirus