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As economic crisis bites, Lebanese army withdraws soldiers from Beirut suburbs

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@DrTedros  @WHOEMRO  "WHO continues to work to support the health system and the delivery of essential services and supplies. For example, last year’s explosion at Beirut port completely destroyed a warehouse used to store essential medicines "- @DrTedros  #Lebanon 

More than a year after the Beirut Blast, the "capital continues to be quiet and dark, as it remains a disaster-stricken city”, President Aoun told #UNGA .

MBC's "Every Week has a Friday" and "Beirut 6:07" receive Emmy nominations

Yet again, a Lebanese ex minister is pressing to replace a judge whom he sees as investigating too vigorously the issue or responsibility for the devastating Beirut blast. background: @hrw 

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Lebanon at risk of complete blackout by end of September, Beirut’s electricity company warns

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Hezbollah threatened top judge probing Beirut port blast, source says - CNN

‘Like something from Beirut’ says priest who witnessed mass brawl between two families at a funeral

Lebanese ex-minister files complaint to remove Beirut blast judge

Hezbollah security official Wafiq Safa reportedly threatened Tarek Bitar, the judge leading the investigation into the Beirut Port explosion. Report by @TzviJoffre  #Lebanon  | #BeirutBlast 


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Stunning video shows explosions just minutes ago at Beirut port

Tonight people in Beirut are going to sleep in shattered homes, during a deadly pandemic, with a collapsing economy led by corrupt politicians, surrounded by countries that have attacked & threatened them and a world that has abandoned them and their refugees. They deserve better

Another view of the explosions in Beirut

The US had ***ten times*** the deaths today from COVID than the Beirut blast and it’s just...a Wednesday. Tomorrow will likely be worse.

Had a lengthy discussion this morning with President Macron of France concerning numerous subjects, but in particular the catastrophic event which took place in Beirut, Lebanon...

I will be doing a news conference on the ChinaVirus, the just announced very good economic numbers, and the improving economy, at 7pm from Bedminster, New Jersey. Also, the subject of the Beirut, Lebanon catastrophe will be discussed.

Absolutely horrifying video of the explosion in Beirut.

Terrifying video from a guy driving his car while filming the Beirut explosion...

This bride was taking wedding photos yesterday as the explosion happened in Beirut...

Beirut, we’re thinking of you. Stay strong, Lebanon ❤️