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🎥 Watch "Racism for Sale", the new investigation from #BBCAfricaEye  and #BBCEyeInvestigations  here:

🎥 Watch "THREE KILLINGS IN KAMPALA", the full documentary from #BBCAfricaEye , here:

🎥 ICYMI: Watch "Forced to Beg: Tanzania's Trafficked Kids", the new documentary from #BBCAfricaEye  here:

SLWatch "Kush: Into the Mad World", the new investigation from #BBCAfricaEye  here: 📽️

Watch the full #BBCAfricaEye  documentary on Nigeria's deadliest cult here: #Cultism  #BlackAxe  #Nigeria 

🎥 You can now watch "Black Axe: Nigeria's Deadliest Cult", the new documentary by #BBCAfricaEye  here:

"We Make It Or We Die" 🎥 You can watch the full film from #BBCAfricaEye  here ➡️ T1abYTcyA8#RefugeeWeek 


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#BBCAfricaEye put the allegations contained in this report to the government of Uganda. This is what they said...

You may remember Grace. In 2018, she was featured in the #BBCAfricaEye  series ‘Sex and the Sugar Daddy’.

You can watch the full #BBCAfricaEye  investigation, "Lady P and the Sex Work Sisterhood" here: ?