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Like, “ohh, thank you for the clarification that a major high-end brand in fact created two separate campaigns with child exploitation themes, which ‘trolls and conspiracy theorists’ are conflating, and Balenciaga wants us to believe both were totally by accident. Okay.”

Activist daubs the word 'paedophilia' across Balenciaga's Bond Street shop after BDSM bear scandal

Kylie Jenner weighs in to Balenciaga scandal amid new backlash over controversial book featured in ad

Balenciaga fan cuts up £2,300 worth of her designer clothes in protest amidst BDSM child photo scandal

Balenciaga and fashion’s child sexualisation problem ✍️ Julie Burchill

REVEALED: The OTHER similarities between Balenciaga's designs and the controversial Belgian artist

Did #KylieJenner  post pictures of her kids to ‘cover up’ for Balenciaga controversy? She reacts

Fashion lives for drama - the Balenciaga scandal proves that


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There seems to be more outrage about @elonmusk  making Free Speech & ridding Twitter of child pornography top priorities then there is about Balenciaga’s child porn/baby bondage scandal & the silence of virtually all the celebrities who represent that sick brand. Very telling!!!

You don't just "accidentally" design and print a roll of tape that misspells Balenciaga as "BAALenciaga" (aka Moloch, god of child sacrifice) and "accidentally" put it in an ad with a child.

WARNING: If Apple decides to deplatform Twitter they will experience a consumer backlash unlike anything ever seen in America. Think Disney Groomer-Gate x 1000. Balenciaga photo shoot x 10000. Do not underestimate the power of Twitter power-users with loyal audiences. 🍎

It’s weird that anti-fur activists were protesting outside Louis Vuitton in Manhattan last week but there are never anti-child porn protesters outside Balenciaga on Madison Ave.

For those on the Left who are correctly upset about Balenciaga sexualizing children by posing them with teddy bears wearing BDSM gear, perhaps you should consider that exposing those same children to human adults prancing around in bondage gear at parades and shows is worse.

Balenciaga files $25M suit against producers of controversial 'BDSM teddy bear' ad campaign

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Balenciaga has officially cut ties with Kanye West following the rapper’s string of antisemitic and offensive remarks.

Balenciaga, Kering and the Kering Foundation have always supported the fight for women’s fundamental rights and freedom. We stand with all Iranian women, in memory of Mahsa.

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Can I put some drip on you, Vivienne Westwood, put some Chanel on you, That New Balenciaga, YSL on you ??