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worshipped as the physical baal/Sun. More militaristic. Sun and moon worship echoes into this very day.

In Washington D.C. there is an obelisk there in front of an elongated pool of water. The obelisk there goes back to baal and sun worship. It's also fact that it's baal's phallic symbol. The pool there represents an occultic phrase that is popular, "as above so below".

either. Like Zeus, Baal, moloch, Hermes, Odin (one eye), onward. Consistency to take worship away from Christ. God.

People can say many things, but at least I can grab threads to back my talk up. Emojis at the edge of the world are no longer valid. Also as time has goes on, I'm overjoyed that many have learned about the evils behind names such as "moloch", "baal", or even "baphomet".

The obelisk points upwards regularly, and then the reflection has it point downward to Hell. Baal of course being the devil. 555 ft tall is the Washington monument. I've covered this before but it is 3 sickles. With that being said, yes, Amazon's logo with the yellow arrow

In today's time? Now you understand why God wanted Elijah to eliminate the baal worshippers. The things they were doing then, is just like now.

Bel air also means Baal air. This is a direct reference to how the devil is a principality of the air.

A businessman who described abortion as “the sacrifice of a child at the altar of Baal" and has argued contraception contributes to rape is running for Congress in Colorado. So far, he's the only candidate who has qualified for the GOP primary ballot.


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Im shooting in 40 degrees surrounded by dust swamped by flies ! why dont you rescue me , clad me in a yellow chiffon sari and make me sing in the Alps? “Baal safed ho gaye tto kya dil tto abhi bhi kaala hai”??

NOTE TO THE ALT-RIGHT: I got plenty of ethnic hatred by quack-Molyneux/Charles Murray's crowd. I am not complaining, but for Baal's sake, 1) I am Greek Orthodox (not Muslim) and... 2) Lebanon has no desert. It's on the Med. So please remember: Lebanon has no desert. Gabish?

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"In order to improve the quality of life of our children,we are implementing an ambitious baal swasthya karyakram'>Rashtriya Baal Swasthya Karyakram," PM Shri ji at global #partnersforum 

Tfw you've gone too long between orphan sacrifices to Baal which have prolonged your life for hundreds of years

10 OUT OF 10 FOR BAAL IN UNCUT “Ziggy played...banjo...” We told you about the release of Dissent & Disruption:...

ISIS has damaged the Temple of Baal, one of the most important structures in Palmyra

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Oh my, such a shrewd point, such intellectual power, such knockdown convincingness. I'm a convert. To Baal. Or Zeus?

#ISIS blows up ancient Baal Shamin temple at Syria’s Palmyra

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