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“Lily's Promise” tells the story of Lily Ebert, a 98-year-old Auschwitz survivor. She recently became known through TikTok videos made with her great-grandson. It debuts on our paperback nonfiction best-seller list.

Oh hey the rabbi is still alive! He just disappeared for like a season and now gets a line

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Rabbi Sue Laikin Silberberg says she has seen both the most and the worst antisemitism in her 32 years at IU in the last nine months. In a time of healing and seeking solutions, Indiana University's Hillel Center has opened a new Jewish Culture Center.

Today on #InFocusNY1 , @cherylwillsny1  discusses the rise in anti-Semitic attacks on New Yorkers with @KalmanYeger  and the Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation. And see a preview of the return of the @CelebrateIsrael  parade. Watch at 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Idaho Statesman columnist Rabbi Dan Fink laments the rise of white supremacist ideology being embraced by extremists.

After several years in which tensions have simmered between Gerrer Rebbe Yaakov Aryeh Alter and his first cousin Rabbi Shaul Alter, the two have split ways and now command over separate groups of Hassidim.

The @CelebrateIsrael  parade is back! Tomorrow on #InFocusNY1 , @cherylwillsny1  is joined by the Grand Marshall and the Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation. @KalmanYeger  also joins to address the rise in anti-Semitic attacks. Watch Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Rabbi recovering from brutal stabbing outside Jewish day school opens new training center in Brighton#7News 

Rabbi Schacter's service for Buchenwald survivors “was Pesach Sheni in the most meaningful sense for these Jews, who were unable to have an actual Pesach.” Read more: #Passover  #Buchenwald  #Judaism  #Holocaust 

#OPINION : The economic and cultural patrimony left behind b #SheikhKhalifa  is manifold and can be seen throughout th #UAE  , writes Rabbi Marc Schneier.


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"I survived Hitler. I survived Stalin. And I will also survive this asshole Putin"—96 year old Auschwitz survivor Anastasia Gulej. Her biography was expected to be published last month, but it has now been supplemented with another chapter, one about her escape from Ukraine.

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"Let me say to Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker & to all of my Jewish viewers... you are not alone. We have your back. And in this moment of fear, hate, & violence, you *can* count on the rest of us." Me, on @MSNBC , on showing solidarity against antisemitism:

David Dushman, the last surviving Allied soldier involved in the liberation of Auschwitz, has died. He was 98.

Auschwitz survivors walk through camp gates on 75th anniversary of liberation.

Hi @AOC . Meet David. David has numbers on his arm. They were tattooed on him by Nazis when David was in Auschwitz death camp. Those Nazis killed David's entire family. David has a message for anyone who thinks America runs “concentration camps.” Hey AOC, you need to hear this:

NYT: 31% of Americans, and 41% of millennials, believe that 2 million or fewer Jews were killed in the Holocaust; the actual number is around 6 million. Forty-one percent of Americans, and 66 percent of millennials, cannot say what Auschwitz was.

here’s a fun sunday example of the twitter hellscape: person tweets *false* meme claiming george soros was nazi (not him) 6.5k RTs. Auschwitz Memorial acct attempts to debunk (1k+ RTs). Ppl report the account but no option for spreading false news. So account/tweet stays up. Fun!

Just now: President Trump invited Rabbi Benjamin Sendrow to offer a prayer for the victims of the attack in Pittsburgh.

Holocaust survivor watches Charlottesville, says neo-Nazi has “the same hatred” as those at Auschwitz