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79% have not travelled outside home province since Atlantic bubble was announced. | @CBCNB 

Upcoming pattern shift will allow record heat to build in the West, while the Midwest, Northeast will see mild conditions and it will be wet in the mid-Atlantic, Southeast:

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TRACKING THE TROPICS: Tropical Storm Josephine is chugging along through the middle of the ocean. It’s on track to miss the Caribbean islands and die in the atlantic'>North Atlantic.

Tropical Storm Josephine continues to move west through the Atlantic on Friday morning. Here's what to know about the tropics as of Friday morning:

The Atlantic Council celebrates the unsung heroes who are making a difference! Join our campaign to give credit where credit‘s due by using #UnsungHeroes2020 —post your video nomination.

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Atlantic City hikes Airbnb fees in hopes of bringing in $1M and dealing with complaints, mayor says

Nice day at the beach tomorrow, but a developing system offshore will churn up seas a bit more... Expect larger waves & moderate risk for dangerous rip currents for all Atlantic beaches. ⚠️🌊 #NBC4NY 

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When I @Google  “Nunes memo,” the first page of results are from The Atlantic, WaPo, Lawfare, Politico, CNN and NPR. If Google is trying to weed out disinformation, why are they giving me results that are filled with disinfo from news outlets that we now know got it all wrong?

🚨🚨Here’s the big piece I’ve been promising: an Atlantic cover story about the US’s catastrophic mishandling of the pandemic. It’s a full autopsy of what went wrong, every unattended weakness & unheeded warning, every festering wound & reopened scar. 1/

The Storms in the Atlantic are very dangerous. We encourage anyone in the path of these storms to prepare themselves and to heed the warnings of State and Local officials. The Federal Government is closely monitoring and ready to assist. We are with you!

Great News: The boring but very nasty magazine, The Atlantic, is rapidly failing, going down the tubes, and has just been forced to announce it is laying off at least 20% of its staff in order to limp into the future. This is a tough time to be in the Fake News Business!

?An official photograph of Her Majesty The Queen, The Prince of Wales, NATO Secretary General and Heads of State and Government from countries who form the atlantic treaty organisation'>North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

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Christopher Columbus’s spirit of determination & adventure has provided inspiration to generations of Americans. On #ColumbusDay , we honor his remarkable accomplishments as a navigator, & celebrate his voyage into the unknown expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

Man who broke up fight between two teens in viral video gets emotional while being honored in Atlantic City:

Fastest across the Atlantic tonight from New York to London so far is #BA112  at 4hr56m. #VS4  in 4:57, and #VS466  in 4:59. If we're not mistaken, BA now retakes the fastest subsonic NY-London crossing from Norwegian.

The Atlantic spews communist China’s propaganda while trashing the Trump administration.  And it’s not alone among the American media.

Yikes! According to reality, your father bankrupted six companies, cost tens of thousands of people their jobs, gutted Atlantic City, turned his back on New York, looted his own charity with your help, and has spent decades lying about how much money he has. 🤡