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What is the Holistic Market Model and how does it reengineer the capital asset pricing model (CAPM)? Jacques Cesar shares insights from five years of research with his team from @OliverWyman . via @Enterprising 

Thank you very much Mr. Swarup Mohanty, CEO, asset global investments'>Mirae Asset Global Investments Co. Ltd. for reading our book and giving this nice review of the book. This means a lot to us. @kptelang  @mohanty_swarup  #moneywise  #womenandfinanace  #womenandmoney 

Asset management growth over the past year: 4.11% Asset management growth over the past year, excluding BlackRock: 0.92%.

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Cookies (or the equivalent) are *the* productive asset of the internet and most cookies could be replaced by NFT’s (or tokens more broadly).

A 20-year bull market in asset management, as a rising tide of equity appreciation enabled the industry to protect its margins against the steady pressure on fees, has likely come to an end. ✍️ David Campbell for @CitywireWealth 

FundCalibre has launched a set of ESG rankings to tackle the lack of trust in asset managers’ ESG claims

Learnt a new word too. apophatically. Turns out we are apophatical asset managers too. Who would have known

Company announcement: Asset tribe goes live with alternative investment pla... #fintech 


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At the end of a Biden photo op, when reporters shouted Q's hoping he'd respond, Fox's Peter Doocy asked, "Do you think inflation is a political liability in the midterms?" Biden deadpanned: "It's a great asset—more inflation. What a stupid son of a bitch."

@RepMTG  @BillKristolRussian  assetMarjorie Taylor Greene will go down in history as one of the dumbest politicians ever. History will not be kind to you, nor will we. #Anonymous 

Putin & his oligarchs stash property, yachts, and art all over the world. My Asset Seizure for Ukrainian Reconstruction Act would let us confiscate & sell those ill-gotten luxuries and send the $$$ to the people of Ukraine. Sounds pretty good, right?

BREAKING: @jsolomonReports  reports that Pres. Trump has ordered the declassification of intelligence docs from Obamagate, including Christopher Steele’s debriefings and FBI assetStefan Halper’s instructions. Expected to be released tomorrow or Monday. #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

JUST IN: DOJ new asset forfeiture policy - police can seize property from people not charged w/crime even in states where it's been banned.

The NRA acted as a "foreign asset" for Russia in the period leading up to the 2016 election — providing more political access than previously known, a new Senate report finds.

Tulsi Gabbard has put her life on the line to defend this country. People can disagree on issues, but it is outrageous for anyone to suggest that Tulsi is a foreign asset.

This is the week when Dr Birx solidified her value as a Trump campaign asset in the daily Trump campaign rallies. She didn't object when Dr Trump suggested people should poison themselves. She violated her medical "duty to warn." She passed the ultimate Trump test.

Call me old fashioned, but I think it’s a little unsavory the Republican Party is becoming the most important global asset of Russian intel. I get it, Russia’s bonkers “Ukraine did it, not Russia” story is all the GOP has to defend their guy, but really?