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Forget $COIN. Want a hot new stock? Look at Esports Technologies -- company that has online betting platform for Asia and Latin America. $EBET debuted today and stock up 350%.

Myanmar is not witnessing just another brutal setback to democracy but the creation in slow motion of a failed state in the vital heart of Asia, @AmbDMitchell  writes. What is required from the international community is not complacency but urgency.

‘Worries me a lot’ that investors are wildly ignoring China risks, Asia expert Stephen Roach says via () @TradingNation 

Citigroup will exit retail banking in 13 markets across Asia and the Europe, Middle East and Africa region

‘Worries me a lot’ that investors are wildly ignoring China risks, Asia expert Stephen Roach says via () @StephLandsman 

Shake Shack has 'big plans for Asia' as it ramps up expansion in the region

"In the slums, you feel that you don't deserve to dream. But when you are given exposure, it changes your outlook and you realise it's okay to want more" From Africa to Asia, young people recount how their lives changed with the Duke of Edinburgh awards

Over 4,000 people will attend the #Boao  Forum for Asia (BFA)'s annual conference according to a press conference on Thursday

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#Switzerland #SECOis  one of our biggest bilateral donors and a crucial contributor to our work. Together we focus on developing the transition agenda in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. CH#EBRD30  #EBRDdonors 

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Citigroup profit triples on reserve release, to exit some consumer units in Asia


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planning the #BELIEVEtour  dates for the rest of the world. Australia, S America, Asia, Middle East, Narnia (i see u).... we are coming.

#EXO ’ #LAY  an #NCT127  to participate in a tribute project as a representative of Asia’s singer in honor of Michael Jackson’s 60th birthday! Please look forward to the first single tribute to Michael Jackson, ‘Let’s Shut Up and Dance,’ which will feature LAY and NCT 127!

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posting the dates for Mexico, S America, Asia, NZ, and AUSTRALIA....... TOMORROW. #BELIEVETour 

#BELIEVETOUR is back in Asia and #Journals  are coming. Get ready

Taiwan has become the first country in Asia to rule that same-sex couples have the right to marry. ?

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Australia, NZ, Asia, Mexico, S America look out for presale announcements this week. We are coming.... #withdankanter . #believetour 

#musicjournals and tour dates for Australia, S America, and asia coming soon. now r u excited?

1 more show left on the Asia#BelieveTour  . Who is coming? I might perform a song from #MusicMondays 

#BELIEVEtour presale is starting this week. make sure u r on for details for Australia, NZ, Asia, Mexico & S America

Great way to end this leg of the tour. Excited to chill for a bit but I will announce Australia, Asia , and S America real soon