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Even Abe’s rabid followers gave his cold ashes, the cold shoulder He stoked anti-Korean sentiment and xenophobia to build up support in Japan, but all the while secretly colluded with a South Korean cult, the Moonies to win elections #DishonestAbe 

“An evil enemy will burn his own nation to the ground… to rule over the ashes.” Sun TzuLadies and gentlemen, I give you ...

That's why I went to covering myself with good old fashioned ashesAsh matches everything Eventually

"Never be deceived that the rich will allow u to vote away their wealth" The Constitution: WHITE privilege. You may hurt me, beat me, but u can’t break me. I will never be your slave again. I will rise from the ashes The Devil We Know

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Tearful wife of Shinzo Abe carries his ashes into funeral service

The Devil We Know “An evil enemy will burn his own nation to the ground… to rule over the ashes.” Sun Tzu The Devil We Know

How does Old Power (when placed in a no win situation) keep New Power from replacing them? Destroy Everything, burn it all to the ground. And from the ashes Old Power renames itself and nobody is the wiser.

San Antonio H-E-B finds urn filled with ashes left behind in parking lot

'We really have no idea what was going on inside Trump's head' or what he did with the Top Secret TS/SCI nuclear information. "Maybe he wanted to burn the country to the ground and rule over the ashes." This was not a movie. The Devil We Know


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Man fills bowling ball with father's ashes, then bowls perfect game

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Dartavius Barnes alleges that officers with the Springfield Police Department unlawfully took the sealed urn containing his daughter’s ashes and opened it without his consent, spilling some of them during testing

God has beauty for those ashes. You haven’t seen your best days. Keep moving forward when you don’t understand; keep being your best when it’s not fair.

The culture of appearance, which leads us to live for passing things, is a great deception. Because it is like a flaring blaze: once it is over, only ashes remain.

#Lent is a time of grace, a time for recognizing that our lowly #ashes  are loved by God and for letting God gaze upon us with love, and in this way change our lives. We were put in this world to go from ashes to life.

When you go through loss and things knock the wind out of you, it’s tempting to give up on life, think that you’ve seen your best days. You have to say, “Father, thank You that You have beauty for these ashes. Thank You that there are good days up ahead.”

Don’t put a question mark where God put a period. When you quit putting energy into your history, and instead you put it into your destiny, then God will give you beauty for the ashes.

When you put God on the throne, He’ll make a way where you don’t see a way. He’ll promote you when people try to hold you down. He’ll give you beauty for those ashes. He’ll restore you and bring you through the disappointment better than you were before.

This is your year to see beauty for ashes. What was meant for your harm, God is going to use to your advantage. The best part of your life is still out in front of you.

@realDonaldTrump : before you turn the world to ashes, why don't you worry about your countrymen: health, growth, education. Leader of None!