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“It’s like Armageddon,” said a resident of Granby, Colorado, who has watched three huge wildfires burning this week. After a horrific summer of fires in the West, Colorado is fighting out-of-control fires as ski season approaches.

Armageddon Expo returns to Auckland for Covid-friendly 25th anniversary

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“We are already seeing a version of environmental Armageddon.” Some world leaders are warning: If COVID-19 doesn’t kill us, climate change will.

I’m watching Armageddon, a movie about reacting to an easily-foreseeable disaster by putting the fate of the world in the hands of Bruce Willis.... and I’m like wow this government is so functional and effective

In the TOS episode Taste Of Armageddon, Gene Roddenberry predicted war via posting.

“There’s a chance that we could be 49-49 No­v. 4, with two seats in Geor­gia in a runoff,” Geor­gia Re­pub­li­can Sen. David Per­due said of the makeup of the Sen­ate. “I mean, my good­ness. Oh, it’d be Armaged­don.”

As Trump tanks, Republicans cut him loose and resort to Armageddon strategy to hold onto the Senate. “He is ankle weights in a pool on Senate candidates,” one GOP strategist says of Trump. w @evanhalper 

'If Bond moves again, it's armageddon': seven experts on the future of the film industry @catherineshoard  @Andrew_Pulver  - @guardian )


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I'm occasionally asked () what's the worst science-violating movie ever. My answer was Disney’s "The Black Hole" (1979) — until “Armageddon" (1998) came along, which violated more laws of physics (per minute) than any other film in the universe.

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If you’re in a mental state where any of the top Dem candidates running for president is some kind of existential threat to humanity, please seek help. You may think one will lose. You may disagree w them on policy. But none of them are Armageddon. Get a grip.

"It’s a biological Armageddon." Millions of animals, many found on no other continent, may have perished in Australia’s disastrous bush fires, and Australians are taking care of survivors.

"We’ve never seen fires like this, not to this extent, not all at once, and the reservoir of animals that could come and repopulate the areas, they may not be there," one research fellow said. "It really is an ecological Armageddon."

Democratic Hypocrisy- : Adam Schiff is a liar -- the Republican Memo can’t be Armageddon one minute and a nothing burger the next. If the Democrats didn’t have a double standard, they’d have no standards at all. #MAGA  #Trump  #Dobbs 

Unemployment is at a generational low. ✅ Wages are going up. ✅ Americans are keeping more of what they earn. Is this the “Armageddon” that Pelosi predicted?

“Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon.” Happy 10 Year Anniversary #Watchmen !

Happy New Year's Eve from South East Asia!No Mayan Armageddon-lets make this year count.Lets do it together.Are you with me?