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Mississippi now has the fifth-highest recorded case count per 100,000 people, behind only Louisiana, Arizona, Florida and New York.

U.S. COVID-19 death rates by state: Overall death rates per 100,000 people since start of pandemic continue to be much higher in New Jersey (179) and New York (168) than current hot spots such as Arizona (53), Florida (34), Texas (25) and California (25).

The Anonymous Professor Who Wasn't - A professor at Arizona State University does not exist. (New York Times)


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Worth noting: Arizona, Florida, New York and New Jersey now have very similar numbers in terms of cases per million population. Their death numbers are staggeringly different. Which either says NY and NJ blew it or their testing was utterly insufficient during the worst or both.

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Based on the media coverage of COVID-19 this weekend, which state do you think recorded the most coronavirus deaths yesterday? Texas? Florida? California? Arizona? No… it was New York. Again. I wrote more about the Acela Media’s bias in @FourthWatch :

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When it comes to criticising the pandemic, pundits always single out Florida. Or Texas. Or Arizona. Or all three. But what about California? As of July 7, the state was second only to New York with 277,000 positive cases

When New York needed it, our fellow states answered. We’ll never forget that generosity and we are going to pay it forward. We are reaching out to Florida, Texas, Arizona and other states with high COVID infection rates to offer any assistance we can.

“Maricopa County, including Phoenix, is recording as many as 2,000 cases a day, “eclipsing the New York City boroughs even on their worst days,” warned the disease trackers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. “Arizona has lost control of the epidemic.”

Arizona is No. 1 global pandemic hotspot, New York Times reports: #abc15 

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The orange/yellow line is per capita New York cases per day. The blue line is Arizona.

🗽When New York City’s Covid case count peaked in late March, there were 5,000 new cases a day, and more than 60% of tests were coming back positive. 🌵In Arizona, new cases are currently averaging about 3,000 a day and about 20% of tests are positive

Arizona now has *twelve times* the corona rate as New York. Twelve. Times.

D'Angelo Russell was cited on Wednesday for possession of marijuana at an airport in New York. The marijuana was found inside a hidden compartment of an Arizona Iced Tea can that was in Russell's possession.