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We have asked people to do 'wazu' at home before coming to mosque. However, we have made alternate arrangements as well for those needing water: Mosque Committee member tells TIMES NOW #GyanvapiMosque  #Gyanvapi  @Ankit_Tyagi01  @Shivani703 

Labour Party Chair Anneliese Dodds says the Government is unable to take "pretty basic decisions" on cost of living For more on this and other news visit

A technical committee appointed by the Supreme Court Friday sought more time from the apex court to submit its report on the investigation being carried out into the Pegasus spyware issue. #SC  #Pegasus 

Labour Party Chair Anneliese Dodds says the Chancellor Rishi Sunak is shielding "those with the means" instead of helping people struggling with the cost of living crisis For more on this and other news visit

‘A lot of these tokens will fail’: SEC Chair Gary Gensler fears crypto losses will undermine confidence in traditional markets

Malinga earns her stripes as chair of promoters' association: She will stage a three championship tournament at Greyville Convention Centre on June 5. Two SA titles and a WBF belt will be up for grabs.

Egypt raised interest rates for the second time since March, increased the deposit and lending rates by 200 basis points each to 11.25% and 12.25% respectively, the Monetary Policy Committee said Thursday in a statement. @business 

Great to see my piece in this morning's @CityAM  on shareholders, finance and the importance of Net Zero. As the Chair of the @ESG_APPG  these issues are of key importance to get to a better, greener and more sustainable future.

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The technical committee told the top court that it has examined 29 'infected' mobile phones for spyware, and also has recorded statements of some petitioners, activists and journalists.

The committee says it has evidence that the Republican from Georgia might have information regarding a tour through parts of the Capitol on January 5, 2021.


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BREAKING NEWS: The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize to Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov for their efforts to safeguard freedom of expression, which is a precondition for democracy and lasting peace. #NobelPrize  #NobelPeacePrize 

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Here is Louisiana’s new fetal personhood bill—which House Republicans just voted out of committee 7–2—making abortion a crime of homicide “from the moment of fertilization” and allowing prosectors to charge patients with murder.

McConnell is threatening to filibuster the Organizing Resolution which allows Democrats to assume the committee Chair positions. It’s an absolutely unprecedented, wacky, counterproductive request. We won the Senate. We get the gavels.

WOW. Soon after he offered public assurances that the government was ready to battle coronavirus, Senate Intelligence Committee ChairmanRichard Burr sold off between $582,029 and $1.56 million of his holdings on Feb. 13 in 29 separate transactions.

I had a briefing from the FBI today to learn more about Eric Swalwell’s ties to a reported-spy from China, and one thing is now crystal clear: Swalwell should no longer be on the Intel Committee.

Judiciary Committee approves Judge Barrett. Moves to full Senate for final vote. Big day for America!

I hardly know Cindy McCain other than having put her on a Committee at her husband’s request. Joe Biden was John McCain’s lapdog. So many BAD decisions on Endless Wars & the V.A., which I brought from a horror show to HIGH APPROVAL. Never a fan of John. Cindy can have Sleepy Joe!

How does Da Nang Dick (Blumenthal) serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee when he defrauded the American people about his so called War Hero status in Vietnam, only to later admit, with tears pouring down his face, that he was never in Vietnam. An embarrassment to our Country!

We have been informed by the whistleblower’s counsel that their client would like to speak to our committee and has requested guidance from the Acting DNI as to how to do so. We‘re in touch with counsel and look forward to the whistleblower’s testimony as soon as this week.

I’ve been on the Intelligence Committee for over 10 years. On terrorism and other threats, I’ve received more briefings from FBI, CIA, and DHS than I could count. How many times have any of them said we need a wall across the southern border? Zero.