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My DMs are open for anyone going through anything. We’re fr all here together❤️🙏🏻

Pharma stocks crater as investors brace for billions in heartburn drug litigation charges $GSK $SAN-FR $HLN-GB

$QQQ is trading 325.60 +1.52. It ventured ⬆️ its downtrend fr its ATH high & retreated. Risk is chic again but there appear to be a more rational, less speculative approach for now. Yes, there is a speculative fringe but it has not remotely approached the 2021 levels.

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these people have legit brain rot

If you didn't watch Southpark, you wouldn't get that song fr

Lmaooo…shit I aint neva gettin old den because if the partyg dont go till like 5 or 6…it aint for me fr. Thas my problem now 🤣🤣🤣

Fr. Jerome Secillano: We will be there (Senate, Congress) if invited so that we can express our views on the matter.

Antoine Fuqua's new Hulu docuseries "Legacy" explores how the Lakers brought a crucial part of Hollywood to the NBA: endless gossip.

Garland 2 the Republican elected chorus: "Duck you very much." I actually think he shouldn't have done this. U can understand his wanting 2 show his belief in the integrity of the Justice Dept & the FBI against the scurrilous (or worse) attacks fr village idiots who had no cause.

Omg I’m seeing Odesza today ima cry fr


Most relevant

Right-wing dark money is behind the rot in American politics - that includes overturning Roe.

Tyreek Hill gave Antoine Winfield Jr. the peace sign in the regular season ? Winfield got the last laugh. @brgridiron 

bUt ThIS nEVEr haPPeNs VoTeR FrAuD iS A MyTH. USPS Worker in NJ Arrested for Allegedly Dumping Mail, Including Election Ballots – NBC New York

I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it, but I checked, and yes, the president of the United States actually RTed this message to “Leave Democrat cities. Let them rot.”

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Rm u the realest fr my brother. Ur words are inspiring @BTS_twt 

In judging this era, Trump mustn't be the only subject of the sentence. All who abetted, normalized, & rationalized his actions share responsibility. The recent NOAA statement and the story of military flights to Scotland to benefit his property demonstrate the rot of complicity.

INSTANT KARMA: Liberal man insulted a 9/11 widow, saying her husband should "rot in his grave." Then, he gets confronted by her (very large) son. Just watch the reaction...too perfect.

OFFICIAL | The nominees for #TheBest  FIFA Men’s Player 2018: Cristiano Ronaldo Kevin De Bruyne Antoine Griezmann Eden Hazard Harry Kane Kylian Mbappe Lionel Messi Luka Modric Mohamed Salah Raphael Varane For the period 3 July 2017-15 July 2018

More than 10% of tweets fr @realDonaldTrump  as president have been attacking journalists. Far fewer discussing troops, opioid crisis, Syria

Saroja,mother of Mariyappan is a vegetable seller,it's a slap on ppl givng excuse of family condtn fr picking up gun

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