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I have to step away for a minute, but please do me a favor. Last night, I was baffled by things I came across that was connecting things like tsunamis with antarctica and the term "beast". Admiral Byrd's mom had "Flood" in her name. Byrd and flood, like phoenix and fire and

@albus114  @Twang1776LZ1  @nextkryptonite1  @Stellar17Arya6  @IooP_rM311_7211  like revelation 911 and the bottomless pit. King as in the beast. Penguin day is 1/20 which is 12 like the antarctica ties I just made with the treaty, and Byrd's death. Blackbird which represents a Black swan and is before the phoenixbeast. Took place in 68 like Byrd's death

The only continent without reptiles or snakes is Antarctica. snapple facts

British Army officer Preet Chandi completed a 70-day, 900-mile expedition through Antarctica last month.

Field Museum research scientist part of team that discovered a large, rare meteorite in Antarctica

Every continent except Antarctica has at least one McDonald's. random facts

Beyond the copious amounts of Botox required to live there, sadly I've become a stereotypical LA person. It was 55 and drizzling today in San Francisco and I thought I was in Antarctica. 20 years ago they would have led to a fun night at Shanghai Kelly's. You can't go home again

It's not just about what layers to pack (though it's smart to bring a lot of them). A trip to Antarctica means you also need to bring a good attitude and plenty of prior research.

What is the largest desert in Antarctica? no cheating


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The British royals have an est. $34.3B in assets, with #KingCharles  set to receive ~$500M without paying inheritance tax. At its peak, the British empire colonized parts of every continent but Antarctica and subjugated 1 out of 5 people on Earth. A 🧵on its destructive impact:

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Starlink works in even the most remote regions of Antarctica

Antarctica just hit 65 degrees, its warmest temperature ever recorded

Starlink is now active on all continents, including Antarctica

Antarctica is going green, and this is very bad news

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An ice shelf the size of New York City has collapsed in antarctica'>East Antarctica, scientists said. The collapse, captured by satellite images, marked the first time in human history that the frigid region had an ice shelf collapse.

Wind turbines in Antarctica. Spoiler: they work in the cold.

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Scientists in Antarctica claim they've found evidence of a parallel universe where time runs backward.

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Yes, even people from Antarctica are joining the #WomensMarch  movement

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