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Why I’m unpopular.. Least fave thing my ex friends who don’t work used to say: “He better be making enough money to support me.” Me: “But why can’t you just get a job so you can support yourself? Why is it his job to take care of you?” Them: “Anna you just don’t understand.” 🤷🏻‍♀️

Lotta people say numbers don’t matter. Same people discussed Kendrick’s numbers all day 🤔

Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, 35, is suspected of killing Anna Wilson, 25. Wilson, a Vermont native, was in Austin for a race when she was killed on May 11

As a psychologist helping Ukrainians, I am a witness to the terrible traumas of war | Anna Shilonosova

“It’s worse than I imagined.” — Anna Wintour upon viewing Freeport for the first time. Austinite@amyodell  shares more anecdotes from the definitive new biography on the @voguemagazine  titan and her controversial decades at the helm of fashion.

Pro cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson, 25, of Vermont was found dead May 11 in an Austin, Texas, home. Police say she was involved in a love triangle.

After Anna Moriah Wilson was killed police questioned Kaitlin Armstrong about an unrelated misdemeanor before they were forced to let her go. She is now on the run.

New: The family of Anna Moriah Wilson, who went by “Mo,” issued a statement Saturday expressing the depths of their loss and clarifying details surrounding Wilson’s alleged romantic relationship with the suspect’s boyfriend in this case.

Federal authorities are searching for an Austin woman suspected of fatally shooting Anna "Mo" Wilson, a 25-year-old gravel bike racer who was apparently involved in a romantic relationship with the suspect's boyfriend. via @aflores 

From our archives: YouTube channel Anna Film Production produces short videos of interesting and scenic spots in the Kansai region in western Japan.


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Yo @DrDre  this Kendrick album is f****** ridiculous. I'm speechless.

Kendrick is coming 🐐

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I will be heading up to Augusta today to continue my preparation and practice. It will be a game-time decision on whether I compete. Congratulations to 16-year-old Anna Davis on an amazing win at the @anwagolf  and good luck to all the kids in the @DriveChipPutt .

THAT. WAS. INCREDIBLE. Dre. Snoop. Mary. Eminem. Kendrick. 50 Cent. What a show. #PepsiHalftime 

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BREAKING: Kendrick Lamar has won the Pulitzer Prize for music for "DAMN" the first non-classical or jazz artist to win the award.

Kendrick Castillo was three days from graduation. He loved robotics. Yesterday, he ran toward the shooter to save his classmates. Read his story, learn his name and do not become numb to this senseless violence.

Great WIN Anna! Watched your race from beginning, very impressed. Your next opponent, Charlie Crist, is a Pelosi puppet who is bad on Crime, our Military, Vets, & 2nd Amendment. You have my Complete & Total Endorsement!

Baba and baba's baba zeeshan ne aan baan aur shaan se 1,25,000 families ko ration bataa hai. Now this is a challenge that one should be a part of.. Challenge 'Anna Daan' Karo to khud ya kissi bharosemand ke through... @BabaSiddique  @zeeshan_iyc 

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Kendrick Perkins said he thinks Russ is the best player to ever put on a Thunder jersey… KD had thoughts ?

We reversed the backwards vocals on Kendrick's "Fear." Here's what we got:

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