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On January 26, 2022, Ambassador Flake presented his credentials to President Erdogan at the Presidential Complex in Ankara.

Erdogan’s offer to mediate between the Russian and Ukrainian leaders reflects Ankara’s growing fears over the conundrums it could find itself in should war materialize by @fehimtastekin 

The U.A.E. and Turkey agreed to a currency swap equivalent to nearly $5 billion that provides Ankara with badly needed foreign funds

Ankara gets to control Israel’s gas shipments to Europe, giving it leverage over the Jewish state to cut off the gas flow every time there are tensions with Hamas.

It’s thought that the sale of a few F-16s to Turkey to help heal badly wounded ankara'>Washington-Ankara relations and arrest Erdogan’s drift toward Moscow. But the deal has a lot of opponents in Congress.

VIDEO: TRBottles clinking, Turkish party train blazes through the night The Eastern Express carries passengers on a 1,300-kilometre (800-mile) journey from the capital Ankara to Kars, an ancient city near the country's border with Armenia and Georgia

Reports claim the office of Israeli President Isaac Herzog is in contact with the office of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for a possible visit in Ankara

The central banks of #Turkey  and the United Arab Emirates said they signed a swap agreement worth nearly $5 billion in local currencies, providing a possible source of support as Ankara faces economic turmoil.


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In Ankara, Turkey, hundreds of Turks wait in long lines in the rain in order to purchase bread at an affordable price. This is life under Pres. Erdogan’s inflation-fueled reign. Take a look.

Today in Ankara I met Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan & we had fruitful discussions focusing on ways to strengthen relations between our countries. I look forward to exploring new cooperation opportunities to benefit our two nations & advance our mutual development goals.

I withdraw from participation in the Sociological Meetings in Ankara in protest against the Turkish attack upon the Kurdish population in Syria. This is a crime against humanity that merits universal condemnation.

A Syrian child was attacked and injured as a result of the racist attacks in Ankara All houses and shops thought to belong to Syrians are attacked and looted.

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Orhan Inandi was kidnapped and being held somewhere in Bishkek, according to unconfirmed data: Lawyer There are claims that he is being held at the Turkish embassy, part of Ankara's global illegal rendition campaign of alleged Gulenists

🍓🌕 #StrawberryMoon  glowing brightly early this morning in Ankara, Turkey.

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Uyghurs across the world are demanding Ankara snub Chinese demands for the extradition of Uyghurs, a perceived precondition for the shipment of COVID-19 vaccines to Turkey.

France is recalling its ambassador in Ankara after Turkish President Erdogan criticized Macron’s policy toward Islam and said the French president needed “mental treatment”

Hundreds of Syrian mercenaries allied with Turkey have flowed into Nagorno-Karabakh to fight on Azerbaijan’s side in its conflict with Armenia, further straining relations between Ankara and Moscow

Ankara, the heart of Turkey, aglow in the dark of night and space. This image, captured by @NASA_Astronauts  aboard the @Space_Station  shows the capital of Turkey lit up with the interwoven city grid and strings of highways. Take a closer look:

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