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Feature: A 70-year-old man's battle against the #Yangtze  River floods with his 40-year-old ferry in E #China 's Anhui Province#ChinaFloods2020Floods2020 

A city in China’s eastern Anhui province found the novel coronavirus on the packaging of shrimps from Ecuador, in the latest instance of the virus being detected on imported products.

#Coronavirus has been found on imported frozen shrimps packaging in Wuhu City, east #China 's Anhui Province, said officials on Wednesday. People who made contact with the contaminated products will undergo quarantine and #COVID19  testing. All related products have been seized.

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Farmers created rice painting landscape in Anfengtang Town, E China’s Anhui province. Thanks to the Anfentang Reservoir, an ancient water conservancy project that is still in use, the fertile soil has brought prosperity to farmers and attracted nationwide tourist.

A rescue team was able to create a breach in a dyke after working 96 hours in order to divert #flood  waters in Huaining County of east #China 's Anhui Province on Wednesday. #Chinafloods2020floods2020 

Mission accomplished: The People's Liberation Army soldiers left Haikou Town, of east China's Anhui Province this morning after having spent more than 20 days fighting the floods caused by heavy rainfalls. #Chinafloods2020 

Possibly recent flooding scenes from Woyang County, Haozhou City, Anhui Province.. (not confirmed)

Meow~~I'm your new partner: Armed police officers on the frontline of flood control found and adopted a poor kitten during their patrol on the embankment in Anqing, east China's Anhui Province.

Firefighters rescued dogs trapped in the #floods  in E #China 's Anhui Province.

#ChinaBuzz After having fought against the #floods  for over two weeks, around 500 soldiers were ready to leave Congyang County, in east #China 's Anhui Province. Locals handed the soldiers homemade food and saw them off in the rain in return for their efforts.


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A precipitous cliff of Yinping Mountain in the south of Yinping Township, E China’s Anhui Province, is best known for its limestone caves and stalactites.

The video footage of a man's unexpected visit to a police station in east China's Anhui Province on January 27, 2020 has warmed many people's hearts amid

Stranger leaves 500 face masks at police station in east China's Anhui Province before running away, prompting police to run after him and salute him in appreciation

Check out the beautiful sunset and sea of clouds in Huangshan, east #China 's Anhui Province

"Workers make flags for U.S. President Donald Trump's Keep America Great! 2020 re-election campaign at Jiahao flag factory in Fuyang, Anhui province, China." (Aly Son/Reuters)

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Tourists enjoy the dreamlike seas of flowers in E #China 's Anhui Province

#HeartwarmingMoment : a policeman gently picks up a 90-year-old man who struggles to cross a busy intersection against the light in Dangtu, Anhui Province. The video has gone viral on social media.

A foodie #panda  in Huangshan City, China's Anhui Province, is caught on camera loving its bamboo

China's clean energy ambitions: World's largest floating solar farm in east China's Anhui Province. Follow us for more.