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VIDEO: Young Afghan musicians from the national music school have been welcomed in Portugal, after fleeing the Taliban government's cultural crackdown

Born in Afghanistan, Zakira Hekmat completed high school secretly under the Taliban’s control. In 2014, from a one-room office, she founded the Afghan Refugee Solidarity Association in Türkiye, where she has tirelessly advocated for the rights of all refugees and women. #IWOC 

U.S.-trained Afghan soldiers engaged across Afghanistan in armed resistance to the Taliban's terrorist rule are worried that their campaign will be blunted by poor funding, a lack of state support, and no safe haven.

Journalist Torpekai Amarkhel was among dozens of asylum seekers who died when their boat capsized near Italy. Her story encapsulates how the world has failed the Afghan people.

UN Chief Calls for Support of Afghan Women #TOLOnews 

The participants also called for the reopening of schools and universities for girls and women, as well as the start of an intra-Afghan dialogue, Karzai tweeted. 2/2

The Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme was launched in January 2022. Boris Johnson said “We will never forget the brave sacrifice made by Afghans who chose to work with us at great risk to themselves.” Only 22 Afghans resettled last year but 8,633 Afghans arrived in small boats

At the same time, the number of Afghan nationals arriving in the UK on small boats across the Channel rose to 8,633 last year – a sixfold increase on 2021. Overtaking Albanians as the predominant nationality undertaking the dangerous crossings.

Afghan journalists injured in explosion at press award event


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"Mum, they didn't let me enter my school. They're saying girls aren't allowed" Hopes and dreams shattered once again for millions of Afghan girls left in tears and devastated by the continued Taliban ban

Starting today, Airbnb will begin housing 20,000 Afghan refugees globally for free.

“They closed the schools, the world remained silent, they closed our universities, silence, now they’ve come for our courses. What are we supposed to do? Kill ourselves?” Devastated Afghan girls mourn the loss of their education after the Taliban’s ban

Latest pictures from Kabul Airport. People are on their own now while the world watches in silence. Only sane advise to Afghan people…RUN

Brave Afghan women out on the streets again, demanding their basic human rights

Really simple question. Why are we sending Afghan, Syrian refugees to Rwanda but paying UK citizens to house those from Ukraine? It’s pretty black and white…

Unbelievable courage- Afghan girls protesting for their right to an education. They continue to show such bravery and resilience. We hear you #LetAfghanGirlsLearn 

So the US Government knew so little about what was happening in Afghanistan that they had no idea the Afghan Security Forces would evaporate and the Taliban immediately take over, but they were able to find within 24 hours the precise ISIS-K "planner" to kill? OK.

Angelina Jolie returns in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Coming to theaters October 18, 2019.

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Brad and Angelina. How am I supposed to go to work today ?