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✈️ Andrea Prudente, 38, and her partner Jay Weeldreyer celebrated being pregnant with their first child by going on a "babymoon" to Malta. But disaster struck soon after the couple arrived on the Mediterranean island.

“It’s out. The decision’s out,” said Andrea Gallegos, the executive administrator. “Full overturn.” The staff was confused. “So we can’t see anybody?” a nurse asked. “I need to speak with lawyers,” she responded before disappearing into an office.

Gareth Bale will be the first Champions League reigning champion to play in MLS. Andrea Pirlo was transferred to NYCFC after loosing in the 2015 Champions League Final.

ICYMI: While strolling along Los Tubos beach on the central Chilean coast, Andrea Galvez and her neighbors found strange remains which turned out to be fossils of an ancient marine reptile known as Elasmosaurus

Andrea Askowitz: By telling men to shut up, we made a grave error. Women barely held political power, and we let men off the hook. - @NBCNewsTHINK 

The clinic’s longtime owner, Dr. Alan Braid, was back in his office when his daughter, Andrea Gallegos, the executive administrator, ducked in. “It’s out. The decision’s out,” she said. “Full overturn.” Braid cursed. Then he began to tear up.

Premier Ford names his nephew to cabinet, Andrea Horw— wait, the premier appointed his nephew to cabinet?! The week that was in #onpoli  — by @DanielKitts 

ANDREA FELSTED: 1990s house and fashion and a 1970s economy

ANDREA FELSTED: 1990s house and fashion and a 1970s economy


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Andrea Bocelli singing ‘Nessun Dorma’ for The Queen 70th Platinum Jubilee Party at the Palace. #PlatinumPartyAtThePalace 

“I hope I can inspire other young women into the field. It’s a field that has so many pleasures, and if you are passionate about the science, there’s so much that can be done.” - Andrea Ghez speaking at today’s press conference where her #NobelPrize  in Physics was announced.

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Massimiliano Allegri is set to join Juventus! The agreement is now ‘imminent’ and Andrea Pirlo will be sacked in the next hours. ⚪️⚫️ @SkySport  Allegri has just decided to accept becaude Real Madrid were still taking time after Zinedine Zidane decided to leave the club. ⏳

Andrea Jenkins, vice president of Minneapolis City Council, says George Floyd and Officer Chauvin worked at restaurant near Third Precinct. "They were coworkers for a very long time."

Michael Cohen & Paul Manafort, both former Trump advisors, were released from prison early due to COVID-19. Andrea Circle Bear, jailed for a non-violent offense, died from the virus after giving birth on a ventilator. There cannot be two justice systems. I’m demanding answers.

@KianLawley : "Kissing My Ex-Girlfriend" ft. @AndreaRussett ” haha this is so awesome

Exclusive: State Department official Andrea Thompson, who is in charge of negotiations with Moscow, didn’t disclose ties to the boyfriend of Russian agent Maria Butina@washingtonpost 

**REPORT: “Two women who worked as peacekeepers on Chicago’s South Side were shot and killed in the neighborhood they worked to protect... Chantell Grant, 26, and Andrea Stoudemire, 36, were both mothers of four children.**

I'm old enough to remember when Andrea was a journalist before she became a shill for the DNC. And yes, I've been to both Kabul and Bagram and the "security risk" was greatly lessened when the CODEL didn't come. Hard to end "crisis" of shutdown when Speaker is gone 7 days.