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Canadiens goalie @CP0031  met a young fan whose mother, before dying of cancer, promised her son she would help him meet his idol. Here's the moment Price and Anderson met 🙏 (via Tammy Whitehead/Facebook)

#PC4 Last 32 Results 📋 Gary Anderson 6-3 Andrew Gilding James Wade 6-1 Ryan Searle Danny Noppert 6-4 Nathan Aspinall Krysztof Ratajski 6-3 Vincent van der Voort Nick Kenny 6-3 Conan Whitehead Gabriel Clemens 6-1 Toni Alcinas Karel Sedlacek (102.5) 6-0 Luke Humphries

Steve Beaton 6-1 Mickey Mansell Peter Wright (100.4) 6-3 Conan Whitehead Brendan Dolan 6-5 Ross Smith Gary Anderson (106) 6-2 Rob Cross (101.5)

Shea Weber and Anderson Whitehead reunited at #NHLAllStar  Weekend. ❤️ (? @CanadiensMTL )

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Awesome to hear this update from Anderson Whitehead on his friendship with @CP0031  (Carey Price). Also, some solid analysis. ❤️ #NHLFaceOff 

The world saw the amazing gesture by @CP0031  with Anderson Whitehead on stage. Here’s something only a few of us were privileged enough to see backstage. Nobody, I say nobody does community like @NHL  Players do. Class always has and will be the KEY. @NHLNetworkN @NHLPAetwork PA ??

My thanks to @KenInMontreal  of @CJAD800  for having me guest with him last weekend to chat about the meeting at #NHLAwards  between @CP0031  and Anderson Whitehead, and all that went into that emotional surprise event

Anderson Whitehead sadly lost his mother to cancer, but he gained a brand new friend in @CP0031 .


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This is everything — this young fan, Anderson, met his idol , after his mother passed away due to cancer. She had promised him that she would do everything in her power to help the two meet and it happened. This right here is hockey. (? #ourgreatgame '>F #OurGreatGame / Tammy Whitehead)

Best of the Week... Anderson Whitehead meeting his idol Carey Price... Anderson's mom promised she would help her son meet Price, but after tragically losing her to cancer, the Habs star made it a reality. 's article:

Fantastic to see Anderson Whitehead invited to #NHLAwards  for a surprise meeting with #Habs  Carey Price, bringing boy to tears again. He also got invite from Price to NHL All-Star Game next season. Here's column I wrote about Anderson this season #HabsIOIO :

MUST WATCH | The fan voted 'Feel Good Moment' of the season turned into the 'Feel Good Moment' of the Awards when Carey Price and Anderson Whitehead were reunited back on stage

Anderson Whitehead, with a big assist from Carey Price, just stole the show at NHL Awards. Sweet kid. Got a little dusty in here. ?

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Young Montreal Canadiens fan Anderson Whitehead was reduced to tears when he was reunited with Habs goalie Carey Price onstage during the NHL awards gala. Read more:

My day is complete now at @NHL  Awards because I got to meet this great young man, Anderson Whitehead. Says he’s a big fan of @TSN_Sports  but we are even bigger fans of him. ?

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What did tell Anderson Whitehead during that special hug in Toronto? It was a message of hope and understanding. READ ➡ ❤️