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On facing Ted Budd in November, @CheriBeasleyNC : “We were prepared to win this race, regardless of who was on the ballot.” #AMRstaff 

@johnpodesta : “This week is an incredible split screen between Biden success and what's going on in Mar-a-Lago.” #AMRstaff 

On the chance of recession in the next two years, @LHSummers : “I would say a 75% chance of recession is about right.” #AMRstaff 

On Pakistan, @MarkWarner : “I don't want to give up on Pakistan, but they in many ways have not always been a reliable partner.” #AMRstaff 

On public Jan 6 Cmte hearings, @realBobWoodward : “I think people are going to watch because they realize the stakes.” #AMRstaff 

On impact of sanctioning Putin’s daughters, @mccaffreyr3 : “Nothing. He doesn’t care about wealth, he cares about power.” #AMRstaff 

On KBJ vote, @GarrettHaake : “A tie in the Judiciary Cmte. has been somewhat baked in for a while now, really since Lindsey Graham came out and said he would not be supporting Judge Jackson either in the committee or on the floor. It doesn't slow things down too much...” AMRstaff

On her Olympic success, @ErinJackson480 : “It's still a lot to take in but it's awesome.” #AMRstaff 

On avoiding accidental escalation, @helenecooper : Not only does Biden have "no intention of sending American troops into Ukraine to fight Russia, but he doesn't want to send troops there even to evacuate Americans can have things go sideways." @AMRstaff 

@SenatorBennet : "... in the American people and in our infrastructure, and I think that's long overdue." (3/3) #AMRstaff 


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@fred_guttenberg : "...not only is she harassing them, she's telling them outright, I have a gun." (2/2) #AMRstaff 

@BeschlossDC : "... by threatening the Secretary of State of the state of Georgia as a mobster would." (2/2) #AMRstaff 

BREAKING: NBC News projects @JoeBiden  wins 3 of Maine's 4 electoral votes. #AMRstaff 

Dr. Fauci: "The laboratory tells you whether or not you are (contagious). It's a scientific thing." #AMRstaff 

On whether Pres. Trump should wear a mask, @MayorOfLA : "Simply put, he's our Commander in Chief. I say real men wear face masks." #AMRstaff 

Jeff Weaver: "If Joe Biden is the nominee, Bernie Sanders will support him wholeheartedly, campaign for him." #AMRstaff 

On GOP reax, @SykesCharlie  says, "Their strategy is denial, distraction and intimidation, the bullying of the whistleblower." #AMRstaff