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Amnesty International urges PL to update “hopelessly unsuited” Owners’ and Directors’ test. Claims: “Complicity in war crimes, torture, slavery currently no bar to ownership.” Sends proposed updated test to PL. Nb Newcastle takeover failure more about tv rights than human rights

The Premier League has been urged to "overhaul" its owners' and directors' test by Amnesty International. Full story from @danroan  here 👉 #bbcfootball  #EPL 

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Amnesty International's report analyzed protests from May 26 to June 5.

Amnesty International propose new Owners and Directors test for PL, arguing current one doesn't cater for modern landscape, and doesn't even include phrase "human rights"


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NEW: Police committed 125 human rights violations during George Floyd protests, according to Amnesty International

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Iran put 251 people to death last year, more than any country but China, according to Amnesty International. Now, Iranians from all walks of life are calling for 3 young protesters’ lives to be spared. “I’m next, you’re next, we’re next,” one meme read.

BREAKING: Amnesty International USA calls on @realDonaldTrump  to release whistle-blower Reality Winner, jailed for sharing a secret report about Russian interference in the 2016 election. We have the right to information #RightsNow  #FreeRealityWinner 

Colin Kaepernick was honored today with Amnesty International’s 2018 Ambassador of Conscience Award, which is given annually to someone who embodies the spirit of activism and courage.

Sacking Rebecca Long-Bailey for sharing an interview in *the Independent* with one of Britain's most celebrated actors because of a sentence uttered by Maxine Peake which the Independent initially justified with a link to an Amnesty International report is an absurd overreaction

Amnesty International says US police across the country are failing their obligations under international law to respect and facilitate the right to peaceful protest.

Time running out for #Venezuela  military leaders to defend constitution by recognizing & supporting exit. #MaduroIf  you do U.S. willing to abide by amnesty law & potentially remove sanctions. If you don’t you be live the rest of your days as an international pariah.

Military leaders like can play an important role in restoring democracy in . And if they d #Venezuela ,the U.S. & international community should honor the amnesty offered by the legitimate government.

Colin Kaepernick explained why he sacrificed his career in the NFL to stand against systemic racism as he received Amnesty International’s highest honor