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@SecBlinken : Our diplomatic ties with Ecuador are some of the oldest that we have in the Americas. And today we are working closely on a vast array of issues, simply because Ecuador and the Ecuadorian people stand on the front lines of many of the most urgent challenges we face.

@SecBlinken : Some look at protests and mass movements criticizing democratic governments in the Americas or elsewhere and see it as a sign that democracy is in decline. I see it as a sign of democracy’s strength. I see people who believe enough in their system to try to fix it.

Colin Powell's death, Vikings in the Americas and a pig-human transplant. Test your knowledge on this week's biggest headlines.

This outbreak isn’t Covid—it is a parallel, hidden pandemic, a deadly animal disease called African swine fever that was detected in the Dominican Republic. There is no cure or vaccine. And inevitably, it arrives in the Americas, in July 2021.

For this edition of Inside the Americas on #F24  I report on #Striketober  and the #GreatResignation  going on in the US. Workers say they've had enough of bad bosses and toxic working conditions. via @FRANCE24 

The United States is committed to partner with the countries of the Americas to enhance climate ambition, accelerate climate action through regional cooperation, & strengthen resilience and adaptation. Read more about U.S. support for regional initiatives:

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TWO AMERICAS | “You know, the problem is everybody's seen the money to be made in development here, but nobody has bothered to keep up with the infrastructure."

Move over Columbus. There’s new evidence showing a European presence in the Americas in AD 1021


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Footprints found in New Mexico date back to the Ice Age, a study found, suggesting humans arrived in the Americas before the glaciers melted.

Millions of Americas are struggling to pay for life's essentials right now. Every day we see fundraisers for rent, utilities, and even groceries. But GoFundMe was never made to be a source of support for basic needs, and it can never be a replacement for robust federal relief.

Players by major international trophies. Leo Messi - One Copa America Cristiano Ronaldo - One European Championship Diego Maradona - One World Cup Pele - Three World Cups Ronaldo - Two World Cups - Two americas'>Copa AmericasZidane - One World Cup - One European Championships

Tucker Carlson says the Immigration Act of 1965 was the "greatest attack on our democracy" because it "changed the composition of Americas voter rolls purely to benefit the Democratic Party." Republicans supported the measure 118 to 10 in the House and 24 to 3 in the Senate

We live in two Americas. One where armed white protestors storm government buildings without fear - and one where peaceful people of color face tear gas for standing up against racism. When Trump says ‘Make America Great Again,’ we know which America he’s talking about.

“In one America, you get killed by sleeping in your car, selling cigarettes or playing in your backyard. In another America, you get to storm the Capitol, and no tear gas, no massive arrests, none of that.” Jaylen Brown cites MLK’s two Americas in discussing breach of Capitol

A tale of 2 Americas: Walter Wallace was shot multiple times and killed by Philly PD yesterday. He allegedly had a knife and suffered from mental illness. Now compare his shooting to the way police responded to a mentally ill knife wielding white man...

“The Radical Left is trying hard to undermine the Christopher Columbus legacy. A great Italian opened new chapter in history of humanity by discovering the Americas”. @OANN  Not on my watch!

“The police are, in some respects, a border patrol, and they patrol the border between the 2 Americas.” Jon Stewart talks to David Marchese for @NYTmag .

Edward Colston was a leading figure in the transportation of an estimated 84,000 Africans, including children, as slaves. 19,000 died on the journey from West Africa to the Caribbean and the Americas. This is our history: now we have to face it.