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Toledo still plans to modernize seven city-owned buildings, but will not use American Rescue Plan funds for the projects.

The American Rescue Plan is providing more than $3 Billion for Californians to lower the monthly cost of health insurance and is available for all income levels.

Chicago aldermen are demanding Mayor Lori Lightfoot start spending money from the American Rescue Plan to help communities most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.​

Here's an updated list of every Republican who's recently bragged about the Covid relief bill (American Rescue Plan) after voting against it #stolenreliefvalor 

Every Republican in Congress voted against the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, which President Joe Biden signed into law three months ago.

Austin City Council voted to accept $98 million from the American Rescue Plan — the first of two payments Austin will get from the legislation passed by Congress.

The number of Americans who have signed up for health care coverage during the Biden administration’s special enrollment period is approaching 1 million as premiums have dropped thanks to funds from the American Rescue Plan.

Good news: After we fought to create this program within the American Rescue Plan, the @FCC  is rolling out the Emergency Broadband Benefit, which provides discounts for broadband & devices to families struggling to stay connected. Check it out here:

President Biden said right now only about a quarter of restaurant owners in the country are expected to return to normal operations within the next six months. He’s hoping his American Rescue Plan can change that.​


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Rachel Maddow spent some time on her show tonight talking about this speech, so here it is. I went to the Senate floor today to address, one by one, the disturbingly disingenuous Republican criticisms of the American Rescue Plan.

Checks in pockets. Kids back in school. Americans back at work. Small businesses open. Rent paid. A better night’s sleep. This is the American Rescue Plan.

The moment when the American Rescue Plan passed in the House. Tonight, families across the country will sleep better knowing help is here.

Thank you to the Senators who voted to pass the American Rescue Plan. Your vote gets us a step closer to giving millions of Americans the relief they need and deserve. We look forward to seeing the bill pass in the House and get to @PresElectBiden ’ desk for signature. Help is on the way.

@PresElectBiden  and I urge the Senate to pass the American Rescue Plan. It will: - Send $1,400 checks to those who need it most - Create a national vaccination program - Extend unemployment assistance - Help small businesses - Safely reopen schools - Get Americans back to work

People are hurting right now. The American Rescue Plan gets economic relief to those who need it, and it gets people vaccinated. We need to pass it into law.

BREAKING: Senate Democrats just passed the American Rescue Plan and big, bold COVID relief for people across this country.

To the Senate Clerks: Thank you for reading the American Rescue Plan all day today. Republican Senator Ron Johnson wanted to make sure Americans heard again just how popular and just how bold the American Rescue Plan is from the floor of the United States Senate.

Republican leaders are reportedly “maneuvering” to get every single Republican member to oppose urgent, bold COVID relief. Every single one! Make no mistake: Democrats are working to quickly deliver the American Rescue Plan and big, bold COVID relief.