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Tonight's Evening Prayer. #INQPrayers  Father, you knew us when we were being formed in our mother’s womb, and you watch us grow as toddlers, teens and adults. Grant us the grace to bear good fruits. Amen.

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Today's Morning Prayer. #INQPrayers  Father, we are in awe of you. We wake up today comforted by the knowledge that our lives are intertwined. By your love, you draw us close even when we forget you. Keep us in your love. Amen.

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Amen! I'm in Houston right now, and the ICUs are jammed with people dying of Cancel Culture.

Lord, fill us with the resplendent light of Your eternal love. May we love You above all things, and our brothers for Your sake. Grant this through Christ our Lord. — Amen. #middayprayer 

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... Two captains dismissing each other in the 1st innings of a Test: Richie Benaud (AUS), Trevor Goddard (SA), Brisbane 1963-64. Mohammad Ashraful (BANG), Daniel Vettori (NZ), Mirpur 2008-09. And now Stokes & Holder. Thanks be to @CricViz . Amen.

@hollyrpeete  @OhNoIJoinedTwtrA  @ChurlyStGeorgemen  Holly. It’s disappointing when our leadership is divisive rather than bringing people together. I believe the President has missed many opportunities to bring us together. We need to get back to that. Much love to you guys—stay safe🙏🏽


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83 - Pope saves from Jesus. Amen to that! 0-3

Dear God, you've forgiven me so many times and blessed me in many ways. I just wanted to say Thank You. Amen.

"How blessed we all are to be able to play a small part in bringing joy to people's lives." Amen

Start rejoicing in advance, good news is coming your way this week! Amen!! ??????

Amen, Bob. She should be a real American like you, growing up on a six acre estate complete with tennis court and horse paddock, and then bravely adopting a faux “redneck shitkicker” cosplay persona. God bless you, buddy ruff.

All I ask, when this is all over, is that no conservative ever lectures anyone on personal responsibility ever again. Amen.

I hope @BetoORourke  wins just so that I NEVER have to listen to @tedcruz ’s sanctimonious sermonizing ever again. That’s my prayer, and amen.