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🎙Join us for AMAs with M&A ⏰ Time:Today at 4PM EST 🥷 Hosts@itsmattnow  & @arminaszone  💫 Special guest: @DegenIslands  👉🏻 Link:

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Will be launching a new telegram channel later today. It will be for SAFU calls, strict acceptance policy on to the channel with AMAs to be hosted there in the future, giveaways for members and people who attend the AMAs. Goal as always- Make it the best around, build from 0

What are some AMAs happening this week? If you have one with me post it as well! I want to see from all networks!

@BogdanCrypto_  Google and Crunchbase to start. Then check their socials, white paper, AMAs they've done, their website or ask them. Look at who their partners and investors are. A project I love called @theartieverse  comes to mind. Funded by a bunch of billionaires. I think they will be fine.

(Sorry about the lame video 🙃, we’ll share better ones from the APK we have on our 📱s. I also removed the sound cause I sounded annoying, like when I get excited and overtalk on AMAs) It’s a WIP, still a few weeks to go on this sprint, but I’m super proud and positive.🍀 👇🏼

Remember, if you remember the AMAs on their YouTube channel, @WithoutTheRope  gave hints on the many different rewards options and use cases that StrongChain will bring.

We took a Twitter break last week. I will start posting again this week. We have two AMAs scheduled immediately in US, one tied to an exchange, and the other focusing on Web 3.0 security. Please stay tuned! #50weeksIR  #Jasmy  $Jasmy

🎙Join us for AMAs with M&A Date: Tuesday, May 17th 🗓 Time: 1 PM EST ⏰ Hosts: @itsmattnow  @arminaszone  Special guest: @Earbuds_music  🌟 Link 👉🏻:

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Bought the dip on @PigeInu  at 200K Mcap, With the crash #PigeInu  held strong With a few AMAs with big influencers this week & release of V2 website / PigeSwap a few days ago! I’m bullish CMC & CG listing coming soon Buy TG:

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What are some AMAs going on this week? Even if you have an ama with me post when! Also any network would love to get in some others! Talk to me! #btc  #cronos  #eth  #sol  #elrond  #tezos  #bnb 


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we had to drop another one from the Artist of the Year 💜😭 AMAs' alt='BTSxAMAs' /'>#BTSxAMAs 

What's your favorite playlist? 🤔 #AMAs  #BTS 

We weren't prepared for these moves 🕺 #AMAs  #BTS 

We caught the winners of Best Pop Group at the @AMAs  red carpet 💜 #BTSxAMAs 

It's official: @BTS_twt  wins ARTIST OF THE YEAR. #AMAs  👑

Amazing night at the @AMAs  . Thank you for having me as per usual . Appreciate it . Now let's have a drink