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Let's do a chart request again!📊 What #Altcoins  do you want me to chart? I'll pick 3-5.

5 Altcoins with 30x potential in the next 3 years - $QNT - $XDC - $VET - $XRP - $XLM

People will withdraw $ETH from exchanges to ensure they get the most $ETHPoW possible. They'll also likely dump some altcoin positions and NFTs to get more exposure to $ETH as altcoins and NFTs on ETHPoW will likely have far less value than $ETHPoW.

Which altcoins you should keep your eyes on? We will give you a hint! The altcoins we discuss in this week's trade letter are $TRX $AVAX $ADA! By signing up, you'll receive the coming 3 Trade Letters for free! Subscribe at:

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Bitcoin, Ethereum and altcoins saw a notable bounce this week but @noshitcoins  says various data points show investors aren’t ready to take on too much risk at the moment.

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Bitcoin and a handful of altcoins could be on the verge of a range expansion if the current trend of increasing trading volume and bullish sentiment continues.

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Which #altcoins  would you invest $100,000 in?

#Altcoins We have been following the last cycle for 2/3 of the time now. -The best part (2. Impulse) is still missing. -Breaking ~81 in the RSI = Euphoria begins If you were here in '17/'18, you know what that means. Many Altcoins will go 10x-50x or even more.

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Market feels damn choppy. Perfect for some week-end altcoins pump and dumps. But I wouldn't take any directional bets, probably until Monday.

Good morning #CryptoTwitter , Shill me some of your favourite #Altcoins  / #NFTs  / #BSC  projects


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Expecting 45-50% drop on altcoins from current prices.

No matter how much money you invest, your portfolio should be smth like this: - 30% BTC - 20% ETH - 15% quality altcoins - 5% high potential "shitcoins" - 10% working (trading) capital - 20% USDT (to buy dips) Rotate gains to increase position size, or derisk in USDT, repeat.

Back again in the pump 📈 Let's invest in the #1000xgem  💎 #BNB  #ETH  #SOL  #BTC  #TRX  #DeFi  #NFT  #altcoins 

Shill us some low cap #altcoins  that will 100x.

Friday and I'm in love 😍 Let's find some gems 🧐💎 #BNB  #ETH  #SOL  #BTC  #NFT  #NFTCommunity  #Metaverse  #Altcoins 

Buying #altcoins  right can bring you generational wealth, what are you buying?

Younger investors are calling bitcoin 'boomer coin'–here's why they prefer dogecoin and other altcoins (via @CNBCMakeIt )

Let's spread the word with new projects 🚀 Shill me your #1000Xgems  💎🦍 #BNB  #ETH  #SOL  #BTC  #TRX  #DeFi  #NFT  #altcoins  #memecoin 

@RobinhoodApp  has finally listed #SHIB  together with some other top altcoins

Looking to ape, guys 🤑🔥 Let me know your #x1000GEM  💎 #BNB  #ETH  #SOL  #BTC  #TRX  #DeFi  #NFT  #Metaverse  #altcoins