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Alexander Nix, the man who was running Cambridge Analytica when it harvested the Facebook data of tens of millions voters without their knowledge so it could be exploited by the Trump 2016 campaign, has been banned from directing any companies for 7 years

Ex-Cambridge Analytica head Alexander Nix banned from running limited companies for seven years over "potentially unethical" behavior linked to the scandal @ByRobDavies  / The Guardian)

"The Federalist Papers#16 : Authority of the Federal Government Directly over Individuals Means States Can Only Thwart the Federal Government by Active and Obvious alexander hamilton'>Resistance—Alexander Hamilton"

If you’re looking for Lynx-Storm Game 2 and Bridget Carleton and Kayla Alexander, it’s TSN2. Seattle up 3 after 1

Hundreds of thousands of Belarusians have gathered in protest to make it clear they’ve had enough of President Alexander Lukashenko. Could Svetlana Tikhanovskaya bring an end to his tyrannical rule?

The European Union, in a rare show of unity, said that it will not recognise Alexander Lukashenko as the legitimate leader of Belarus | @NatVasilyevaAP 

The EU said Thursday that the swearing in of alexander lukashenko'>Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko to a sixth term during a secretive ceremony lacks democratic legitimacy, defies the will of the Belarusian people and will only deepen the country’s political crisis.


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Strange that the media isn’t talking about this... couple of months ago he was so great they would write about him all the time, but I guess that was when he was a useful idiot to their hoax? Alexander Vindman Admits Making up Parts of Trump Call Summary

A letter to Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman: Right does not matter to Donald Trump. But it matters to you. It matters to this country and to its people. It will always matter. And with those words, you have left an indelible mark on our nation’s conscience and history.

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You’d think that someone would be criminally charged for making up things that lead to an impeachment based on false premises. But I guess that would only happen if they did it to a liberal! Alexander Vindman Admits Making up Parts of Trump Call Summary

it's time for a RANDOM CHUCK NORRIS FACT! When Alexander Bell invented the telephone he had 3 missed phone calls from CHUCK NORRIS. #FACT 

Alexander-Arnold, 20 years old. People will tell me it’s bad defending, I’m telling you it’s pure intelligence and vision.

Impeachment inquiry hearings next week: Tuesday morning: Jennifer Williams and Alexander Vindman Tuesday afternoon: Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison Wednesday morning: Gordon Sondland Wednesday afternoon: Laura Cooper and David Hale Thursday: Fiona Hill More details to come.

BTS, winner of the Top Social Artist, all wearing Alexander McQueen men’s ready-to-wear with tread derby shoes and boots to the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.

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You are attacking a decorated Army colonel. Alexander Vindman served in the Iraq War. You serve yourself. He received a Purple Heart. You're receiving subpoenas. Unlike you, he has a sense of duty to this country. He is a patriot. You are a disgrace.

So Collins and Alexander confirm that CHIP, a program that gives health care to 9m kids and whose money expired in Sept, won’t be renewed this year. Maybe next year. 9 million klids.