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Yesterday I tweeted a link to a factual story about Eduardo Rodríguez having myocarditis. A guy quote-tweeted/snitch-tagged it to Alex Berenson as an example of "blue check hysteria." It must be hard to be a loony COVID truther when facts are so problematic.

New: Elon Musk and Alex Berenson discussed starting a new publication.

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Elon Musk and coronavirus skeptic Alex Berenson reportedly discussed starting their own publication

Alex Berenson is exhibit A for why it’s actually bad to wrap your whole journalistic identity up in fighting conventional wisdom (as my employer learned years ago)

Pandemic contrarians can thrive on Twitter and Fox News. To many, they sound like cranks. Do they jeopardize the health and lives of those in their audience? @BuzzFeedBen  looks at Jack Windsor and Alex Berenson (who happens to be a @nytimesormer  reporter.)

Back by popular demand, Reporter/ Author Alex Berenson of The Unreported Truths of Covid-19 on #doseofdrdrew  12 noon PT/ 3ET today via or where you get your live stream! We have some questions!…

I was honored to get name-checked in this thread by a guy named Alex Berenson, a leader of the COVID Truth Movement, oddly a foreign Times reporter. So let's take a look at this. His argument seems to be that notwithstanding a lot of people testing positive, people are not ...

This Washington Times article quotes only two sources: WH press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and rabid coronavirus denialist Alex Berenson.

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Most relevant

Fox News streaming service was set to give coronavirus skeptic Alex Berenson show, but show page (below) has been scrubbed. “This guy has nothing to do with Fox News,” spokesperson told me. Bigger story is that Fox News is changing pandemic coverage.

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Alex Berenson: Antibody Tests Show Rising Coronavirus Cases Could ‘Mean Very Little’

Twitter emerges as the good guy in this controversy —> Alex Berenson: Coronavirus crisis -- How Facebook and YouTube are trying to control information about COVID

Fox News guest Alex Berenson calls health experts “fools” for believing social distancing stops the spread of COVID-19

‘Our rights are under siege’: Alex Berenson takes media to the SHED in brutally honest thread for weaponizing COVID coverage