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Are you happy with your #AlevelResults  or will you be appealing your grades? 📄 🗣️ Share experience with us 👇

Some exam boards will charge schools upto £111 for each appeal against A Level grades #AlevelResults 

There are calls for a review after 42% of final #ALevelResults  in Wales were lowered from teacher estimates

Will their unique A-levels be a badge of honour or a bad report they can't escape? #AlevelResults 

'We have been treated appallingly by the Government' Students react to #ALevelResults 

"Victory can’t be snatched from the jaws of defeat in the closing minutes of the game" #ALevelResults 

#AlevelResults LIVE: Scottish education secretary faces vote of no confidence Click below to find out more ⬇️

Many of today's #ALevelResults  have been lowered after teachers were 'too generous'


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Good luck to everyone getting #ALevelResults  on Thursday. Remember, #UCAS  Track will update from 08:00 Thursday morning. Please RT!

Didn't get the #alevelresults  you wanted? Don't stress... I got all A*'s and I sit in a dark basement pretending to be a TV station all day.

Shout out to anyone who failed their exams, but managed to watch every single minute of the Euros. #alevelresults 

Rather than getting too caught up on your grades, concentrate on your goals #alevelresults 

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If you have desire to succeed, paper with A, B or C on it makes no difference #alevelresults 

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A-Level results are in: Boris Johnson got an F in geography but an A* in Drama. Michael Gove failed everything. #alevelresults 

Getting your #ALevelresults  on Thurs? Track will update from 08:00 (UK time) on 18 Aug. Please RT!

Remember: There's some stuff exams won't teach you, that's where Alfie Wickers comes in... #Alevelresults  #TBT 

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A-Level results are in: Cameron - C in media studies; Clegg - failed politics; Miliband - F in spoken English. Awkward. #alevelresults