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Falling investment in oil and gas has prompted Alberta to consider greener ways to grow

"While there will be a strong effort to push Biden to renege on his promise to revoke the permit for Keystone XL, it’s looking less and less likely that there will be enough new production in Alberta to fully utilize Keystone XL anyway"

According to Doug Ford’s government, Alberta is in crisis but there’s not much to get overly worried about here in Ontario despite the numbers in York Region, schools and hospitals, @bruce_arthur  writes.

Robert Riley Saunders, who eluded civil officials for months after the allegations first surfaced, was recently arrested in Alberta, the Mounties said.

WATCH: A restaurant owner in Red Deer is calling out the Alberta government for the way it’s handled COVID-19. He says that a complete shutdown in October to save the holiday season would have been better than the restrictions put in place now.

Alberta Premier Kenney to anti-mask protestors, "Quit being stupid and stay home". Protestors respond, "You have no idea how stupid we can be"

Herd news. Alberta. My clippings newsletter for Dec 5

Alberta Health Services confirms it's looking at building field hospitals in Calgary and Edmonton, but the challenge is getting enough healthcare staff to work at the sites. @CrisLaderas  reports.

Braid: Vaccine delivery will be complex but it can't come fast enough for Alberta

'I felt like a sack of rotten potatoes': ER doctor, former Alberta Liberal leader shares COVID-19 experience


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Alberta has revealed a new COVID app. It’s just Facebook, but you monitor who posts anti-vax articles and then stay away from those people.

Canada's oldest ever tyrannosaur species discovered in Alberta. Nicknamed 'reaper of death,' the 79-million-year old predator would have been as long as two cars, and towered over a human.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: 16-year-old Ethan Pettigrew. His first ever ace. Vid taken by proud pops Jason Pettigrew. Pure joy.🌎❤️😊

Captain’s Log Stardate 49: Sending my contempt this morning to the @lethpolice  of Alberta, Canada & @LPS Chief1. Rifles drawn for a plastic toy Cosplayer? Didn’t comply right away? Are you blind Chief? Watch the video to see how quickly she complied. This cannot be covered up. 😤

Camera crew in Alberta, Canada captures man leaping into frozen pond to save his dog.

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44 years since my paternal grandmother, Alberta King’s, death. She was shot and killed in church a little over six years after her son, #MLK , was assassinated. #GunViolence  rocked my family.

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Oops. Emissions from Alberta tarsands seem to have been underestimated by, hmm, 64%. Because industry gets to estimate its own pollution

BREAKING: Supreme Court of Canada rules companies can't walk away from environmental messes by filing for bankruptcy. Ruling means Alberta’s Energy Regulator can require the trustee of a bankrupt oil company to fulfil its environmental obligations when disposing of assets.

Got too excited somewhere over the Rockies. Sorry Alberta, I love you. Happy Canada Day!

An Alberta Mountie in red serge chased off a black bear in what became a "very Canadian" moment