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So, the director and I are having trouble communicating tonight because we're on opposite sides of the Battle of Alberta. Plus we're trying to do our jobs while watching the game. (Note to boss: not really.) The National is on every hour, on News Network, starting at 9 et.

Oilers orange takes over Ice District in first home Battle of Alberta playoff game #LetsGoOilers  #yeg 

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#BattleofAlbertaSad day. Come on flames let’s see the comeback

The Alberta University of the Arts Grad Show is coming up and it has an online presence that you can view anywhere both in-person and online.

That’s the 1st Period in the Alberta' alt='BattleOfAlberta' /'>#BattleOfAlberta  without any goals. Oilers have 48 seconds on the PP to start Period 2. #StanleyCupPlayoffs 


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Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says his province will launch a court challenge against the federal government's use of the Emergencies Act. He says invoking the statute 'intrudes into provincial jurisdiction' and 'creates a dangerous precedent.'

No, this footage isn't photoshopped — it's a real-life clip of the Northern Lights over the night sky in Alberta, Canada, on Oct 11 😍

The Calgary Chamber of Commerce has just issued a statement saying Alberta's lifting of restrictions is happening too fast and may have "unintended consequences." The removal of the REP is "akin to ripping the Band-Aid off before the wound has healed," CEO Deborah Yedlin says.

Government of Alberta posted these charts then censored them once they realized what they showed. These indicate huge spikes in death and infection immediately following vaccinations. Draw your own conclusions. When governments censor, we have to do our bit to get the word out.

Canada's oldest ever tyrannosaur species discovered in Alberta. Nicknamed 'reaper of death,' the 79-million-year old predator would have been as long as two cars, and towered over a human.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who went viral for kicking police officers out of his church in Alberta, has been arrested for “defying public health orders” by holding a church gathering

Captain’s Log Stardate 49: Sending my contempt this morning to the @lethpolice  of Alberta, Canada & @LPS Chief1. Rifles drawn for a plastic toy Cosplayer? Didn’t comply right away? Are you blind Chief? Watch the video to see how quickly she complied. This cannot be covered up. ?

44 years since my paternal grandmother, Alberta King’s, death. She was shot and killed in church a little over six years after her son, #MLK , was assassinated. #GunViolence  rocked my family.

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An Alberta Mountie in red serge chased off a black bear in what became a "very Canadian" moment