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Albanese blames global inaction on climate change for flooding disaster in Sydney | @LucyCormack 

It's been a year of repeated flood disasters along the nation's eastern seaboard. Today albanese'>Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet inspected the damage left by the latest deluge, promising disaster relief and meeting with residents. #abc730 

Trust News Corp to use the confected false equivalence of Morrison holidaying in Hawaii and Albanese visiting war-torn Ukraine to call for regime change. But as @theshufflediary  writes, the #WheresAlbo  saga shows why confected outrages actually do matter.

Sky News host Chris Kenny says there is no way Prime Minister albanese'>Anthony Albanese can hold back floodwaters by "fiddling with his climate policies".

albanese'>Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has said his government are looking at 'long-term solutions' to floods and bushfires, adding that scientists have warned climate change would make such events more frequent and intense

Sky News Reporter Julia Bradley says NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet and Prime albanese'>Minister Anthony Albanese were met with a “bit of frustration” from locals during their tour of flood-hit areas of Sydney.

NSW flood disaster payments of $1,000 for 23 LGAs around Sydney have been unveiled as Anthony Albanese and Dominic Perrottet visited the region | @hughriminton  #nswpol  #nswfloods 

OPINION: Criticism of Anthony Albanese travelling overseas is silly. But he now needs to get down to business at home and start explaining to the public why fiscal repair must begin immediately.

NSW flood disaster payments of $1,000 for 23 LGAs around Sydney have been unveiled as Anthony Albanese and Dominic Perrottet visited the region | @hughriminton  #nswpol  #nswfloods 

albanese'>Anthony Albanese has urged health authorities to quickly advise on whether everybody should have a fourth dose of vaccine.


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The Albanese Labor government is ending the compulsory religious aspect of the $60 million a year National School Chaplaincy Program | @KJBar 

BREAKING: “The Government will pay French shipbuilder Naval Group $835m compensation, after last year’s decision to tear up a $90 billion contract to build 12 submarines. PM albanese'>Anthony Albanese [says] total amount of money spent by Aust taxpayers on the program is now $3.4 billion.”

Just so everyone understands the gravity of tonight. @AlboMP  victory tonight is only the 4th time Labor has won from Opposition since WW2. 1972 Whitlam 1983 Hawke 2007 Rudd 2022 AlbaneseRare air. #Labor 

#BREAKING : The Labor party has defeated Scott Morrison's Coalition government and albanese'>Anthony Albanese will become the 31st Prime Minister of Australia. Full story:

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"Enough is enough. I can't see what is served by keeping Julian Assange incarcerated" New Australian Prime Minister AnthonyAlbanese@AlboMP  #FreeAssangeNOW  #auspol 

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Will the new prime minister of Australia, albanese'>Anthony Albanese, have the courage to save the life of Julian#Assange ? This is the first PM to make a statement in support of freedom for Julian. Now he has the diplomatic power to make it happen. Will he act?

This election was the most transformative you can imagine — and it goes beyond Albanese's w…

PM says Albanese trying to avoid scrutiny. How long did the National Press Club event go for?

So @PatsKarvelas  reports on @InsidersABC  that the PM’s office now “disputes” that he only decided to personally apologise over treatment of women in Parliament after Albanese insisted on speaking. His office did not “dispute” it on Thursday when l asked them if that was correct.

Anthony Albanese just described Barnaby Joyce as "the whoopee cushion of Australian politics" in parliament, so that's now officially part of the Hansard record