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NEW: Rest and Be Thankful campaigners demand A83 landslide diversion route be built quicker, reports @AlastairDalton 

Alastair Clarkson has released a new statement as the investigation into serious allegations against him continues. #9News 

Alastair Clarkson has issued a firm denial over new bombshell claims in the Hawthorn racism scandal. He's hitting out as the AFL faces growing pressure to fast-track its investigation. @TomBrowne7  #7NEWS 

Alastair Clarkson has hit back over the Hawthorn racism allegations, warning he'll take any step needed to protect his reputation. His emphatic denial came as a bombshell report was leaked, revealing seven key recommendations. @penelopeliersch  #9News 

Clarkson concerned AFL investigation into Hawthorn allegations may be undermined

Saint “weighing up” Kangaroos backflip amid Clarkson “uncertainty” | | #AFL 

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In short, don’t worry about going to war with Russia, Putin won’t use ‘the bomb’. Really? Of course, the Pentagon does not buy the Kagan meme. They well know what nuclear war implies. Is a Major Conflict Inevitable? Alastair CROOKE

The danger to such fantasies is that leaders begin to believe their own propaganda. How could western Intelligence reporting become so divorced from reality? Alastair CROOKE Aug 28 This is the Titanic

point here is that western leaders ‘claim’ that Putin is just bluffing – as he is losing. Western hype is ‘shooting the moon’: “Putin is panicked; Russian markets are falling; young men are fleeing conscription”.  Alastair CROOKE


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Jalen Green and Jordan Clarkson become the first two players of Filipino descent to share the court in an NBA game! PH

She's so phenomenal... she's BACK. ??? for our #BBMAs  host, @kelly_clarkson .

Alastair Stewart — very smart, kindly, professional, impartial, knowledgeable, fun, trained by the best (Alastair Burnet). Now the only person to be fired for quoting Shakespeare accurately. The only explanation can be the ITN suits wanted him out — and seized their chance.

Lakers sending Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance to the Cavaliers, league source tells ESPN.

Breaking: The Cavaliers are sending Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye and their 2018 first-round pick to the Lakers for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance, sources tell .

Cleveland has agreed to trade Jordan Clarkson to Utah for Dante Exum, league sources tell ESPN.

Looks like @kelly_clarkson  will be bringing these again. ARMY, we hear you! #BBMAs 

Cleveland is sending Isaiah Thomas and Channing Frye to the Lakers for Clarkson and Nance, league source tells ESPN.