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GOP AGs threaten lawsuit as Biden signs executive order to expand gun background checks

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Biden signs executive order to expand gun background checks, GOP AGs threaten lawsuit -

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Which is bad news for the proposed Jetblue/Spirit merger. Last week, the #DoJ  filed suit to block the merger, joined by the AGs from #NY  , #MA  and #DC  . 10/

On this episode of #TWIFO , we discuss: 🛢 energy 📈 rates 📉 equities 🐮 ags ❗️and much more with @Options  and @carleygarner . 🎧 Listen now via .

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House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler told me they are “considering” a subpoena for former AGs Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions over the DOJ’s seizure of House Dem records. On whether they want to hear from Rod Rosenstein: “We would consider it.” “We want to move as fast as possible”

News - AGs' alt='RepublicanAGs' /'>@RepublicanAGs  executive Adam Piper has resigned in light of allegations of the groups role in last weeks attack

Thinking of @JoeBiden , @DrBiden  and the entire Biden family today. Beau Biden was my friend. We were AGs together, and you couldn’t find a person who cared more deeply for his family, the nation he served, and the state of Delaware. Four years after his passing, I still miss him.

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Happening now: President holds a roundtable on border security with State AGs, local elected leaders, faith leaders, and Federal, State, and local law enforcement.

There's a hearing going on detailing how Obama's DOJ illegally spied on its political opponents, and repeatedly lied to the FISA court @CNN  is calling AG Barr "one of the most radical partisan AGs in American history" This is why we call them Fake News

20 ags'>Republican AGs brought this suit, supported by Trump. Tonight, they are celebrating that 20 million of you might have just lost your health care. My god.

-Dems passed Obamacare, which includes protections for preexisting conditions -Nearly all Rs voted to repeal Obamacare (note bills had state waivers related to preex conditions) -Trump admin is not defending Obamacare in lawsuit brought by state AGs to gut preex protections

Donald Trump's personal lawyer is now himself facing investigation by two state AGs