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"Afghans, Hong Kongers, and Lebanese are all victims today of a form of authoritarian intolerance...." <- that's what all the disinfo is there to keep you from grasping until it is too late; that's what keeps me on here shouting, while I still can, about global power grabs;

UN sets up trust fund for Afghanistan to provide urgently-needed cash directly to Afghans amid cash shortages

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As the Taliban increases its power in #Afghanistan , the scale of humanitarian need in the country will grow & with it the number of Afghans who are compelled to seek safety elsewhere. Read more about the way forward to protect #Afghans  now:

Today, we launched a new Special Trust Fund for #Afghanistan  to provide urgently needed cash directly to Afghans for community activities, including cash-for-work projects and grants for small and micro businesses. More via @Reuters . #StayAndDeliver 

The US pledged to support those who served our mission in Afghanistan. In the aftermath of the chaotic US withdrawal, in which thousands of Afghans who helped us or our allies were left behind, these same Afghans are at grave risk.

Today I joined @SenatorRisch  & @JimInhofe  in sending a letter to Inspectors General of @StateDept  , @DoD_IG  , @DHSgov  & @USAID_OIG  requesting an investigation into shortcomings and delays of the visa program for those brave Afghans who stood by us in battle.

We must uphold our commitment to those Afghans who helped defend core U.S. national security interests.

"What became apparent at the gates of the Baron is that there was no American strategy for leaving Afghanistan—none that considered the future of the Afghans left behind." via @NewYorker 

@KimGhattas : "Afghans, Hong Kongers, and Lebanese are all victims today of a form of authoritarian intolerance."

The United Nations said on Thursday it had set up a special trust fund to provide urgently-needed cash directly to Afghans through a system that would tap into donor funds frozen since the Taliban takeover last August.


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The BBC is now reporting that many of the Afghans killed in Kabul on August 26 were not killed by the suicide bombing, but actually shot dead by American soldiers in the chaos right after the explosion.

It’s reported the Home Office doesn’t want to give asylum to Afghans fleeing violence “because of the message it will send to other refugees”. @patel4witham ’s sheer cruelty & inhumanity is astonishing, especially given Britain’s key role in creating this crisis.

Chaotic scenes as Afghans attempt to cling to US Air Force plane departing from Kabul Latest:

America's presence in Afghanistan is over, unless you count the hundreds of Americans we left in the hands of the Taliban, along with presumably thousands of green-card holders and tens of thousands of Afghans who worked with us. For them, the war is just beginning.

Difficult times for India. Afghans are with you at these difficult times. #WeAreWithYouIndia 

Thinking tonight about all the Afghans who only knew what life was like over the past 20 years. There was violence, yes, but also hope and opportunities. Now both are gone, especially for girls and women.

Kabul this morning. Afghans crowding a visa processing center, trying to get visas to the United States. Stories of desperation. Many came up to me crying.

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Incredible beyond words. A US Globemaster C17, carrying more than five times its passenger limit. 640 Afghans saved from The Taliban. “The crew made the decision to go”. American heroes. Via @MarcusReports  @TaraCopp 

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Lauren Boebert was one of 16 members of Congress who voted last month against giving visas to Afghans who helped the US.

The House voted 407-16 to pass the ALLIES Act to help Afghans who face retribution for aiding our troops. The 16 nays, all from @HouseGOP : 🚫Biggs 🚫Boebert 🚫Brooks 🚫DesJarlais 🚫Duncan 🚫Good 🚫Gosar 🚫Greene 🚫Hern 🚫Hice 🚫Massie 🚫Moore 🚫Perry 🚫Posey 🚫Rosendale 🚫Roy