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The fact that any of us should have to care about elections in states where we don't reside illustrates how entirely broken our Republic is today.

Biden to sign Democrats' landmark bill on climate and health care

Biden administration officials are apparently assuring the UN that they are committed to ensuring women have access to "abortion care."

President Joe Biden will sign Democrats’ landmark climate change and health care bill on Tuesday, delivering what he has called the “final piece” of his pared-down domestic agenda

'There's an urgent need for education at the national level on species-appropriate reptile care," says an animal protection organisation. An online tool now aims to help owners look after the animals correctly. @tierschutz_sts 

Illinois to provide community-based health care for seniors, Pritzker says #Chicagonews  #Breakingnews  #news 

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National Economic Council Dir. @BrianDeeseNEC  on the Inflation Reduction Act: "In the immediate term, tens of millions of Americans are going to see lower health care costs and prescription drug prices as a result of this bill." Full interview:

Advocates predict the hearing aid market will eventually resemble eye care, where consumers can choose between drugstore reading glasses or prescription bifocals.

Dear Care and Feeding: If I get us fourth row concert tickets, they get backstage passes.


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Facts don't care about your feelings.

Let’s be 100% clear. If Republicans win control of the House, Senate and White House two years from now, they will pass a national abortion ban. And no matter where you live, no matter how pro-choice your state is, women and doctors will be locked up for practicing health care.

Abortion is legal in California. It will remain that way. I just signed a bill that makes our state a safe haven for women across the nation. We will not cooperate with any states that attempt to prosecute women or doctors for receiving or providing reproductive care.

Today, BTS returned to #UNGA  to share a powerful message on climate action, COVID-19 vaccines & the importance of taking care of ourselves and our communities. Thank you, @BTS_twt  for inspiring a generation of young people. Together, we can create a better world. #BTSLoveMyself 

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take care of each other

I️ don’t care what you say, I’m @BTS_twt  ‘s biggest fan!

Care. Love. Be outraged. Be devastated. Just don’t give up. The world needs good humans today.

We all understand this father’s action. Nassar’s punishment will go far beyond sentencing. Behind bars, he’ll soon know what hell means. He’ll be well taken care of.

No Mr. President, providing health care to every man, woman and child as a right is not a curse, it's exactly what we should be doing.