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>> @benparr  says "this is one of AI's biggest days ever" He adds: "If you have some mixed emotions about the rapid advance of AI (like me), that means you're human."

"We're either going to run against Trump or a carbon copy of Trump," Guy Cecil, chairman of Democratic super PAC Priorities USA, tells @CHueyBurns  on the GOP presidential candidate field in 2024. Cecil adds that whoever the nominee is, "Biden and Harris will be prepared."

Michigan adds 7,438 COVID cases over past week, 73 deaths

Chipotle adds new protein option to menus worldwide

Chipotle adds new protein option to menus worldwide via @WSAV 

USDow industrials adds 0.2%, on pace to snap a 5-day losing streak #Stockmarket  MARKETWATCH

$UPLD [15s. delayed] filed SEC form 4: CEO MCDONALD JOHN T: Acquired 20,000 of Common Stock at average price $4.78 between 2023-03-10 and 2023-03-13, increased holding by 8% to 263,738 shares

Michigan adds 7,438 cases, 73 deaths from COVID-19


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The #PradaSS23  campaign accentuates the multifaceted nature of acting – where plurality adds complexity – in stark sets, like cinematic projections of realities. Discover more: Jaehyun Jeong photographed by David Sims

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Actors by their very nature encapsulate an otherness. The #PradaSS23  campaign plays off that multifaceted quality, where plurality adds complexity. Talent: Vincent Cassel Jaehyun JeongLouis Partridge Hunter Schafer Letitia Wright #RachelWilliams 

@bts_bighit  for #LouisVuitton . “I am looking forward to this wonderful partnership which adds a modern chapter to the House, merging luxury and contemporary culture.” - @virgilabloh , Men’s Artistic Director. #BTS 

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In floor speech on Russian bounties and Trump’s knowledge of intel, Sen. Duckworth says "ignorance isn't exculpatory.” “'No one told me' is not an excuse for a commander in is in fact a confession of incompetence,” she adds

The Fake News Washington Post, Amazon’s “chief lobbyist,” has another (of many) phony headlines, “Trump Defiant As China Adds Trade Penalties.” WRONG! Should read, “Trump Defiant as U.S. Adds Trade Penalties, Will End Barriers And Massive I.P. Theft.” Typically bad reporting!

Holy cow Gordon Sondland going full John Dean in opening statement: Confirms his view the WH plot was “quid pro quo” bribery Implicates Giuliani Shows Pompeo in the loop with new evidence Implicates Trump, testifies this was on his orders Adds new emails and evidence

Remember Trump’s criticism of Obama golfing? The cost of Trump’s golfing is now $108M. Big spender Trump, disregarding the national debt only adds to his dishonesty. Trump should have been impeached a long time ago.

When the President attacks freedom of the press, he is by definition attacking the Constitution - you know that document that forms the basis for the United States and he swore to uphold. Committing this act on foreign soil only adds to the disgrace.

Every time Beyoncé performs it adds five years to my life

Jeffrey Dahmer: I made an altar from the bones and genitalia that I didn't eat from my victims. NY Times reporter: Meet the Midwestern sex-postive locavore who adds a Goth twist to his arts and crafts!