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#DonaldTrump creates 'Office of the Former President' in Florida, intending to use it for “political activism.”

Former President Donald Trump opens an office to “advance the interests of the United States and to carry on the agenda of the Trump Administration through advocacy, organizing and political activism.”

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@FourthWatch  A tease of my next newsletter, devoted entirely to the dangerous rise of anti-speech activism in the media. In @FourthWatch , introducing "block-pilled” - the media members who have abandoned their principles in favor of suppressing speech:

#JonasGwangwa , who died on 23 January, was a #SouthAfrican  musician who used his art to further the plight of South Africanactivism for decades @TC_Africa 

#NSTopinion For most of us, our political activism begins and ends with us forwarding content over the social media. The rest of the time we are pretty consumed with fretting over #Covid19 .

As House managers delivered the article of impeachment President Trump opened the Office of the Former President, meant to "advance the interests of the United States and to carry on the agenda of the Trump Administration through advocacy, organizing, and public activism."

Now: Trump opened up his "Office of the Former President" with statement: Will "carry on the agenda of the Trump Administration through advocacy, organizing, and public activism. President Trump will always and forever be a champion for the American People."

From gender politics and environmentalism to Black Lives Matters and Me Too, social activism in 2020 forced businesses and brands to evaluate how they position and market themselves.

Activism is the rent i pay for living on this planet” Alice walker


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After being told "its a private company" over and over by fake leftists defending censorship I had an epiphany about how wrong my past environmental activism was BP is a private company and can do what they want If you don't like oil spills start your own company to clean it up

Can you all help me get more followers here? The more I have the more my words will have weight. I am a fighter 4 FAiRNESS in all aspects of US life. I am tired of being smeared-over a stupid mistake erasing 30 yrs of activism.

I know the past few months have been hard and dispiriting. But watching the heightened activism of young people makes me hopeful. And if we can keep channeling our justifiable anger into peaceful, sustained, and effective action, this can be the moment when real change starts.

Political activism is important and apathy is no longer cool, do your research and get involved.

Our highly trained security professionals are not allowed to do their job on the Border because of the Judicial Activism and Interference by the 9th Circuit. Nevertheless, they are working hard to make America a safer place, though hard to do when anybody filing a lawsuit wins!

#BTSARMY , all we have to say is WOW! Thanks to your activism we reached our donation goal of $1M in just 2 days! These funds will help provide lifesaving support to children suffering from malnutrition. #RoarForChange 

There are a lot of CRIMINALS in the Caravan. We will stop them. Catch and Detain! activism'>Judicial Activism, by people who know nothing about security and the safety of our citizens, is putting our country in great danger. Not good!

We can debate guns. But to all those who mock or lie about the students of Douglas High, to all those who rain vitriol down on the nascent activism of students across the nation, to all those who spread outrageous conspiracy theories, there is no place for you in civil society.

I just gave 1,000,000 dollars to Unidos Por Puerto Rico. Where r ur donations, Koch Bros. Mercers, @realDonaldTrump ? Day 1 of activism.

Welcome to CA, , where we celebrate diversity, innovation & activism. We believe in climate change, DREAMers, and healthcare for all. We understand you...don't. When you attack our state, we harden our resolve. We'll continue to build futures, while you try to build walls.