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#FromTheFrontlines of crises around the world, women and girls are making a difference and advocating for peace, justice, prosperity and #ClimateAction . Tag the changemakers you know and share their stories during these #16Days  of Activism! 👇

In the words of the Secretary-General “Achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls is the unfinished business of our time, and the greatest human rights challenge in our world.” This #16Days  of Activism let us #PushForward  to end violence. -- @ShombiSharp  #UNRC  IN

Danish Ambassador drives a matatu as part of the 16 Days of Gender Activism campaign to confront SGBV in public transportation in Mathare.

"As I began to work in activism I understood that the same people you were rallying against, you were going to their foundations asking for money, whether it be the Rockefellers or the Carnegies,” said @KillerMike .

'Focus should be on activism!’ Kate Garraway shut down by charity worker over Meghan probe #GMB 

'Focus should be on activism!’ Kate Garraway shut down by charity worker over Meghan probe #GMB 

16 Ideas For Teens To Prevent And Intervene in Online Violence Against Women Among Their Peers #VAW  #Activism 

16 Actions the #Fashion  Industry Can Take to Stop Violence Against Women #VAW  #Activism 

16 Days of Activism: Courts send strong message to gender-based violence offenders

China’s middle class has rarely taken part in political activism over the past 30 years. They are now voicing their discontent – to a point.

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We are one of many Anonymous accounts, we believe in decentralized activism - meaning "there is no leader." We are not here to co-opt the protests or grievances suffered by George Floyd's death. We are here as a signal boost to all ops fighting against police brutality & racism.

Presenting our first-ever global cover star: The world's most wanted man, @Harry_Styles . The pop icon opens up about his huge year, his two new films, his fans' relationship with Olivia Wilde, activism, sexuality, therapy, and more. Story/Photos:

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So guess what. When the right goes on and on castigating “Activist Judges” they really mean liberal judges. When the activism is on their side, well that’s just judicial wisdom.

Cicely Tyson broke barriers and paved the way for so many. She inspired the world with her art, activism, and altruism. Cicely, thank you for your wisdom over the years – I will forever be grateful.

LeBron responded after Zlatan Ibrahimovic criticized him for his activism. “I’m kind of the wrong guy to actually go at because I do my homework.”

If Mitch McConnell really wanted to really honor the life, legacy, and activism of John Lewis he'd bring the Voting Rights Act immediately to the Senate floor for a vote and name it the John Lewis Voting Rights Act of 2020.

Colin Kaepernick was honored today with Amnesty International’s 2018 Ambassador of Conscience Award, which is given annually to someone who embodies the spirit of activism and courage.

#BTSARMY , all we have to say is WOW! Thanks to your activism we reached our donation goal of $1M in just 2 days! These funds will help provide lifesaving support to children suffering from malnutrition. #RoarForChange 

Welcome to CA, , where we celebrate diversity, innovation & activism. We believe in climate change, DREAMers, and healthcare for all. We understand you...don't. When you attack our state, we harden our resolve. We'll continue to build futures, while you try to build walls.

SCOTUS upholds temporary travel ban. I guess the 9th circuit activism is wrong again??? #maga