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Indonesia’s most active volcano has erupted with a river of lava and searing gas clouds flowing down its slopes. An Indonesian official says the eruption set off Mount Merapi’s longest lava flow since the volcano’s danger level was raised in November.

Thailand #COVID19  update: CCSA announces 819 new cases, most from active case finding

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For democracy to flourish, not merely survive, Democrats should want Congress to take an active, central role in policymaking

Telangana reported 147 new #COVID19  cases, 399 recoveries and 1 death on 26th Jan. Total cases reported as per the latest update 2,93,737 Total recoveries 2,89,325 Death toll 1593 Active cases in the state 2,819

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Victoria now has no locally acquired coronavirus cases, with all 31 active cases in hotel quarantine. @andrew_lund  #9News 

#BNSNStockCloud | Here's a snapshot of the key active stocks this hour on ET NOW's #BNSN  market watchlist! #AskBNSN  @PKarunya  @stockboyvarun 

#Covid19: India reports 12,689 new cases in a day, active cases at 1.76 lakh

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India has reported 12,689 new #COVID19  cases, 13,320 discharges and 137 deaths in last 24 hours. Total cases: 1,06,89,527 Active cases: 1,76,498 Total discharges: 1,03,59,305 Death toll: 1,53,724 Track our coverage on Covid19 here:

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Senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan implored the state forces to use a broader lens in viewing the active participation of Filipino students in democratic processes.

The Austin Police Department reported that officers are responding to a “active and ongoing” SWAT situation in the 1900 block of West 35th Street.


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There is an active insurrection occurring in your country. The 60 second inconvenience of walking through a metal detector is not the most important thing right now.

Do you know how many of the people arrested in connection with the Capitol invasion were active users of Parler? Zero. The planning was largely done on Facebook. This is all a bullshit pretext for silencing competitors on ideological grounds: just the start.

So the FBI has had an active money laundering investigation into the family of the Democrat Presidential Nominee since 2019 where there are credible witnesses saying that Joe Biden knew all about the dealings and the main stream media will still not cover it? Journalism is dead!

EXCLUSIVE: A @TheJusticeDept  official confirms that in 2019, the @FBI  opened up a criminal investigation into "Hunter Biden and his associates," focused on allegations of money-laundering, and that it remains open and active today. More very soon on your @WeAreSinclair  stations.

NEWS: One of the president's military aides, Coast Guard aide Jayna McCarron, has coronavirus, sources tell me. And so does one of the president's valets, who is also active duty military, and traveled with the president last week.

The doctors just *cannot* Baghdad Bob their way through the president's active and ongoing hospitalization. That smiling "He's not on oxygen right now" dance?? It's a *bad thing* for the US if the world knows reports on the president's condition can't be trusted. Shameful.

Both @douglasemhoff  and I were tested for COVID-19 this morning and thankfully we tested negative. This virus is still very much active across our country, please continue to wear a mask and maintain social distancing.

—>> FBI Director Wray says US sees “very activeRussian efforts to interfere in the 2020 election, saying its goal is “to sow discord and...denigrate Vice President Biden

Atlanta, home to the largest Black communities in Georgia, closed 80 polling places since March. Now, 16,000 active registered voters from five precincts have to vote at ONE polling place — and the voting machines are down. Does this sound like a free and fair election to you?

Thank you for preventing US commercial airlines from crashing in 2017. Your active participation monitoring the flight patterns and safety regulations was greatly appreciated. In 2018 could you please turn your efforts toward preventing wildfires and hurricanes?