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Japan announced additional sanctions on Russia The new sanctions include a ban on Russian gold imports, on providing accounting, trust & some other services to Russia. The asset freeze measures will cover an additional 70 RU individuals & organizations.

The number of America’s young people identifying as transgender has almost doubled recently, with citizens ages 13 to 25 accounting for a disproportionate number of that population, according to a new study.

This is a virtual training program where trainees learn financial & valuation modeling in Excel. A synthesis of Excel modeling, navigating through various financial reports & the application of accounting, corporate finance & valuation courses. Register:

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I’m still 100 feet deep in this research, the math is very complicated to unwind, but here’s my understanding of what motivated this change from CEM to SA-CCR method of accounting. 1. SA-CCR had the effect of bringing down FX exposure, some estimates are a figure of at least 9%.

Foreign investment in Ireland hits record €1.1 trillion with 25 firms accounting for two-thirds of it via @IrishTimesBiz 

Sign up to @freeagent  or log back in today and see how NatWest’s accounting software could help you navigate Making Tax Digital for VAT: Natwest -

Many nonprofits use an accounting approach called fund accounting. This method focuses on the use of resources more than profitability, with transparency and accountability at its core: via @SerenicSoftware 

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I am working on a spreadsheet that will reverse engineer the difference in calculation between the CEM method of accounting and the new SA-CCR method to figure out the notional derivative exposure of gold added by banks in Q1 2022. It is exceptionally challenging because of how

As a third pandemic school year draws to a close, new research offers the clearest accounting yet of the pandemic's academic toll.

#FED Booming Fed receipts = Shrinking deficit = less T-Bills = Higher demand for RRP Shrinking deficit = Stronger Dollar Fed Receipts showing Covid was an economic blip vs GFC (even accounting for inflation). Some head room for QT 🤔


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A thought for all the Deutsche Bank employees who had to work straight through this weekend, figuring out new avenues to launder oligarchic capital. (And not just DB, but a lot of big banks, law firms, and accounting firms.)

But it must be open source accounting, so the public sees precisely how the money is spent.

There is a lot of accounting trickery in this bill that isn’t being disclosed to the public

NEW: Trump’s accounting firm has told the Trump Organization that the former president’s “Statements of Financial Condition” from 2011-2020 can no longer be relied on. Mazars USA says they base this on the AG’s investigation, their own internal investigation, and additional info

Look forward to getting a full accounting of everything that happened in the Trump White House on, before, and after January 6th. And we’re just getting started.

On National POW/MIA Recognition Day, The @FLOTUS45  and I honor the men & women of our Armed Forces who have selflessly served our Country & made tremendous sacrifices to defend our liberty. Our Nation remains committed to accounting for all missing Americans.

For the United States of America to have the worst #Covid_19  trajectory in the ENTIRE world (even accounting for questionable data from China) represents a catastrophic failure of national leadership. The warnings were all there. There’s no excuse.

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Dems continue desperate attacks on President - & : subpoena his finances from Deutsche Bank -: subpoenas his finances from Mazarsaccounting firm -: chasing his tax returns -: launched 81-letter fishing expedition

Bottom-line: Trump made specific commitments to end military exercises with #SouthKorea  & eventually withdraw US forces from peninsula. #NorthKorea  made NO specific commitments on timing or verification of denuclearization, also did not give accounting of its nuclear arsenal.

NEW: The Manhattan D.A. has asked for a dismissal of the President's lawsuit seeking to hold an accounting firm from turning over his tax records. They say the conduct being investigated is unrelated to the office of the President and the law provides no "sweeping immunity."