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Ghoulish remarks from Russia's children's ombudsmen: Ukrainian children taken from destroyed Mariupol all inexplicably "hated Putin, said nasty things, sang the Ukrainian anthem." Now they love Russia, she claims, and none of them want to go back. 😐

Despite widespread news reports Myth Live nightclub could be leveled for a new condo development, concerts will go on at the suburban mega-club in the coming weeks. "We are absolutely prepared for a legal battle," owner Kim Brokke said.

Russia's children's rights commissioner on Wednesday said that Ukrainian children taken to Russia from Mariupol initially showed negative attitudes toward Russia, but now don't wish to return home. Kyiv has called the forced relocations of Ukrainian children a war crime.

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Russian and Ukrainian troops appear poised for a war of attrition that could drag on for years on the ground. In the air, Moscow may have already lost. #TWTFrontPage 

Ukrainian forces took several prisoners because many of the Russian soldiers were drunk, said a Ukrainian soldier. “The ones who were sober ran away, and the ones who were drunk didn’t even realize that the village was being attacked, and got caught.”

Ukrainian info forces have produced a new updated Reuters logo after the news agency ran a series of reports legitimizing russia’s sham votes in occupied Ukraine. #RussiaUkraineWar  #UkraineFrontLines 

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No Home, No Money: Ukrainian Refugee Who Seduced Her Host in #UK  Got Dumped and Arrested

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Ukrainian girl, eight, repeatedly stabbed at 'refugee accommodation'

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"Russia will try to annex my home town. I feel afraid because this absolutely will mean escalation, more death." Three Ukrainians give their insight into the discredited referendums taking place in occupied areas of their country

$MNMD absolutely destroyed the Freeman followers


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Dear GOP colleagues, before you offer your hot takes on student debt relief, please make sure you or your colleagues didn’t have one of your government loans forgiven. Otherwise, I will absolutely scorch you. Yes, I’m looking at you @RepMTG .

Not sure why this hasn't received more publicity, but this fifty-foot sculpture called "Dignity" was unveiled several years ago in Chamberlain South Dakota. Created by artist Dale Lamphere to honor the women of the Sioux Nation. It's absolutely stunning.

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Nevada is turning out to be a cesspool of Fake Votes. @mschlapp  & @AdamLaxalt  are finding things that, when released, will be absolutely shocking!

I absolutely hate some of those paps... Nasty nasty people .Whoever the hell you were, don't ever tell one of our fans to get out of the way

Absolutely delighted to say that I'll be joining mr . Ranieris management team for @socceraid  . Really is going to be a week to remember .

Racism has been rampant for hundreds of years, it’s just that in this century people have camera phones to video it. It’s absolutely disgusting that you get mistreated because of the colour of your skin. You would think that those that are there to protect us, would protect.

Big Tech is doing everything in their very considerable power to CENSOR in advance of the 2020 Election. If that happens, we no longer have our freedom. I will never let it happen! They tried hard in 2016, and lost. Now they are going absolutely CRAZY. Stay Tuned!!!

My fellow citizens, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED TO PANIC. Essential commodities, medicines etc. would be available. Centre and various state governments will work in close coordination to ensure this. Together, we will fight COVID-19 and create a healthier India. Jai Hind!

Incredible . Time and time again you keep doing it , there's absolutely no doubt that we have the best fans , Tommo said it in his speech

Some of the questions I get asked on Twitter are absolutely hilarious ! You guys are brilliant