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A judge ruled that Devin Nunes can sue over a comment made by Rachel Maddow linking him to a suspected Russian agent:

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Dirty Business: Trump could be called as a witness in the Trump Organization's trial New York state criminal fraud charges, the judge told potential jurors. RT if you wish you could be in that court room.

Dirty Business: Judge Cannon was up to no good, and Judge Dearie straight out of a cannon is not having it.. and Trump’s $3 million dollar lawyer wants everybody to know he’s still on the Mar-a-Largo case. RT Bless his heart.

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No Black jurors selected for murder case against ex-Fort Worth officer Aaron Dean

A second judge has blocked Indiana’s abortion ban from being enforced following a lawsuit from a religious organization and five individuals who say the law violates their religious beliefs.

Herb Ritchie, a retired criminal judge who barricaded himself in the UT Tower during Charles Whitman’s sniper attack and went on to help break the Republican gridlock on the Harris County judiciary, died Thursday. He was 77.

A second Indiana judge has blocked the state from enforcing its law banning most abortions after Jewish, Muslim and other non-Christian women challenged it in a lawsuit. Religious freedom: we can has it

As far back as he can recall, Akron Police Officer Aaron Williams has felt a calling to help people.

The Biden administration does not believe that a single federal judge should be able to halt its policies nationwide.

Indiana judge won't block probe over 10-year-old's abortion


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Come on @elonmusk  We all know what free speech re the gov is because we can read the 1st Amendment and any related case law. We have no idea what Free Speech on Twitter is because you are judge and jury. There is no transparency. When do we see the @Twitter  Bill of Rights ?

If you think it’s a coincidence that Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer became a federal judge and that very same judge, of thousands of judges, was the person to sign off on the Mar-a-Lago search warrant you haven’t been paying attention!

“I’m here live, I’m not a cat,” says lawyer after Zoom filter mishap “I can see that,” responds judge

MUST WATCH: Republican asks one of ’s US District Judge nominees basic questions of law & he can’t answer a single one. Hoo-boy.

SIXTY-TWO! BASEBALL HISTORY! @TheJudge44  is the American League home run King!

61 years since 61. Aaron Judge has written his name alongside Roger Maris in baseball's record books.

I’m pleased and grateful that the Judge overturned my visa cancellation. Despite all that has happened,I want to stay and try to compete @AustralianOpen  I remain focused on that. I flew here to play at one of the most important events we have in front of the amazing fans. 👇

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Judiciary Committee approves Judge Barrett. Moves to full Senate for final vote. Big day for America!

Judge Kavanaugh showed America exactly why I nominated him. His testimony was powerful, honest, and riveting. Democrats’ search and destroy strategy is disgraceful and this process has been a total sham and effort to delay, obstruct, and resist. The Senate must vote!