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Employee at Westminster Senior Living Community in Austin tests positive for COVID-19

Officials say New Westminster has seen "broad compliance" when it comes to public health guidelines, but there is now an official phone line for reporting those who aren't.

In the first of his rapier-sharp political portraits, ultimate Westminster outsider @georgegalloway  recalls his encounters with 'peculiarly 20th-century private-school cad' Boris Johnson, whose current mishandling of #COVID19  surprises George not one bit

Constructed for the procession to Charles II’s coronation banquet in 1661, the covert tunnel led to Parliament’s oldest building, Westminster Hall.

There have been a significant number of cases in Westminster. Continuing to needlessly travel increases risk to himself and to others he comes in co tact with. Beyond that, what signal does it send to others in his age group who are supposed to shield at home? It’s reckless.

Baltimore County resident Ryan Serra, 26, is charged with violating Gov. Larry Hogan’s executive order after state troopers said he hosted a party in a Westminster motel room with at least ten other people, some of whom were drinking underage.

'We thought he was going to die': Family of first Westminster Canterbury resident to test positive for COVID-19 tell their harrowing story

New Westminster expands rent bank program amid virus crisis

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New Westminster now has a hotline where residents can report people who aren't following public health guidelines.


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BREAKING: Westminster Magistrates' Court has been told that US President Donald Trump offered to pardon Wikileaks founder Julian Assange if he said Russia was not involved in the leak of Democratic National Committee emails. Get today's top stories:

“Blame us. Westminster'>Blame Westminster. Do not blame Brussels for our own country's mistakes and do not be angry at us for telling you the truth. Be angry at the chancers who sold you a lie.” says that voters were misled during the 2016 EU referendum. #78DaysToBrexit 

Westminster is broken. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can build a better, fairer, more equal country. An independent country. Follow @YesScot  and pledge your support at

I saw Julian #Assange  today in Belmarsh prison. Denied the tools to prepare his defence against extradition to America, his resilience endures. On Monday he appears at Westminster Magistrates Court where his epic fight begins. It's the fight of democracy. Join us.

London’s brilliant black cab drivers waiting on Westminster Bridge to drive veterans, for free, to the Cenotaph. They do this every year, and this is one of the many reasons they’re the best cab drivers in the world. Thanks to all of them. ??

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I try not to brag too much, but I have just heard wonderful news ! I made a speech recently at the Banqueting House in Westminster Since then, the organisers have received a number of complaints from people who attended it And...........they were ALL from Trump supporters !!

Eiffel Tower in Paris turns off its lights in mark of respect to #Westminster  terror attack

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Reports of shots fired outside UK Parliament, Palace of Westminster reportedly in lockdown