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sleeping where the stars slowly rotate and time falls out of place -- and some dreams lately dance weirdly on the thin line of reality. I only know whether it's day or night by observing light from the curtains. It's comforting, though and am not sure why

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In a universe of parallel realities, time travel, and literal face-swapping, Batwoman's actual plan to replace Ruby Rose seems weirdly timid

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Weirdly, I do seek out opinions that differ starkly from my own. I listen carefully to them to understand if I’m missing facts or emotional valence. But I don’t—this is the key point—listen to fascists and people who urge military takeovers and extrajudicial killings of Americans

Fans have spotted a weirdly Trumpian detail in Toy Story 2. WFI6n5DW9y#ToyStory 

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(At first when I saw it I was like hang HSBC also the central bank of Hong Kong or something, which seemed weirdly plausible in some old timey colonial way. But it turned out HK has a weird but not totally unique system where its banknotes are printed by private banks)

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Barron's on MarketWatch: Key economic indicators have become weirdly inverted

weirdly, as someone used to the world of earpieces etc, that photo is pretty good proof he isn't wearing one.

Key economic indicators are weirdly inverted. It’s a warning sign. (OPINION via @barronsonline )

It's weird gearing back up into life as lockdown restrictions ease, little by little, fortnight by fortnight. I don't feel at all how I thought I'd feel (elated; ready to jump right back in) but weirdly, slightly and intermittently agoraphobic, then tentative / uneasy. Just me?

Also, weirdly, the Billy Graham people are here, presumably offering chaplain services. Still, bruh, it's strange to center yourself and your org in this space and moment

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SNL. it’s on Saturday Night and weirdly enough it’s LIVE

Years ago, I predicted an alliance forming between the radically liberal and radically illiberal. Now, radical Islam is becoming weirdly allied with the progressive Left, and Ilhan Omar is the walking embodiment of this phenomenon. @IngrahamAngle 

Old enough to remember President Trumpweirdly insisting the total US number of US cases was 15 (when it was 60), and would soon go to zero. "There are now more than 500 coronavirus cases in the US, according to state and local governments and the CDC."

Weirdly, the bizarre crusade against the teenage survivors of one of the worst mass shootings in recent years never comes up in takes decrying “outrage mobs” that try to ruin people’s lives over the expression of political opinions

Being told "I know you can do this" weirdly makes me not want to try… "You CAN'T do this" has same effect. Ok, yeah, I might just be lazy.

One key point here: the GOP as a party wants to see the Dreamers deported but weirdly won’t just say that’s their position.

Trump visits with victims of Harvey, says they are "really happy." Weirdly calls the storm "a wonderful thing for even the country to watch"

Weirdly we're having a very hard time finding a GOP lawmaker to come on tonight to defend the healthcare bill.

@guitarmandan @JonShoneKeys  @joshdevinedrums  weirdly enough the only question I attempted to answer tonight in that quiz ! Was about beer!