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In America, we don't worship government - we worship God. #ValuesVotersSummit 

“We respect our great American flag” - Trump gets Standing O at #ValuesVotersSummit 

Trump: “We protect religious freedom.” Big cheers. #ValuesVotersSummit 

“We promise to never ever leave your side. We are one nation” Trump to those who lost loved ones in Las Vegas. #ValuesVotersSummit 

Standing ovation for Neil Gorsuch when Trump says he’s in mold of Scalia#ValuesVotersSummit 

Last Trump told #ValuesVotersSummit  he’d come back. Here he is “& I don’t even need your vote this year.” Asks, “Can I take next year off?”

Social conservatives at #ValuesVotersSummit  angered over Clinton's 'deplorable' smear #VVS2016 

I can't believe @ralphreed  forgot again to send me my invite to the #ValuesVotersSummit . Come on, Ralph! LOL