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Twitter bot @real_human_vc  is coming for your thought leaders

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'The Daily Show' Created a Twitter Bot to Perfectly Simulate Joe Biden Insults (Video)

Hilarious Joe Biden Twitter bot pokes fun at the former VP's bizarre insults 'Go howl at the moon, ya butterfingered milk licker' 'Eat the cake, ya dog-faced pigeon kisser' 'That's nothin' but a load of hopscotch!’ via

This is sad. For two consecutive days, Twitter's bot asks "Are you a bot?" No, I'm not a bot! "Thank you human!" I said don't unfollow my followers... "This tape will self destruct in 5 seconds." Damn, they did anyway, I'll follow back as soon as I can.

This is very sad. I lost 1,000 followers. Twitter's bot asks "Are you a bot?" No, I am human. "Thank you human!" Hey, don't unfollow my followers... "This tape will self destruct in 5 seconds." Plz, folks, I will follow back as soon as the system lets me.

Anyone know of a good Twitter bot or similar that notifies me when Sydney to London flights are on sale?

Earth-Like is a website and twitter bot that lets you build your own Earth-like world. Earth-Like begins with a planet that resembles our Earth today; by making changes to various factors, you can change the conditions on our planet. @NExSSManyWorlds 

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‘A lot of people just REALLY don’t like you’: Tweeps light Lisa Page the EFF up for claiming a Twitter bot army is OUT TO GET HER


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If you ever need a Twitter bot that retweets / favorites tweets containing particular keywords or hashtags.

Expert evidence published by UK parliament 'fake news' committee shows there was a massive intervention in the Catalan independence referendum by a Twitter bot army -- on the side of the Spanish state. HTML: PDF:

Outgoing Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló was reportedly involved in a secret group chat that managed a Twitter bot network in order to direct attacks at his political opponents.

Twitter bots use likes, RTs in bid to intimidate journalists, researchers investigating Twitter bot activity

On #HolocaustMemorialDay , this Twitter bot is retelling the story of Jewish refugees turned away at US borders

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This is literally the best story ever: Microsoft's AI twitter bot turned racist after 15 hours on twitter

Microsoft created a Twitter bot to learn from humans. It quickly became a racist jerk.

@she_not_he  is a Twitter bot "politely correcting Twitter users who misgender Caitlyn Jenner in their tweets."

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