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The #ToAlltheBoys2  star nearly landed a major part in the latest #StarWars  trilogy.

Whether you’re #TeamPeter  or #TeamJohn , we can ALL agree Lara Jean’s outfits stole the show in #ToAllTheBoys2 ! 👗


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Just some pics of @lanacondor  and @noahcent  lookin' cute at the #ToAlltheBoys2  premiere!! ✨

Our spoiler-free review of #ToAlltheBoys2  is "We love you, Lara Jean." (art by @risarodil )

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PS(A): #ToAlltheBoys2  will be available on Netflix in The US at: 12:01am PST 1:01am MST 2:01am CST 3:01am EST

The only love triangle we want to be part of. #ToAlltheBoys2  😍 (📷: @entertainmentweekly )

To All the Fans: @LanaCondor , @NoahCent , and @Jordan_Fisher  on what happens after happily ever after #ToAllTheBoys2