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After scrutinising the complaints, electronic data and call records of the victims, the team zeroed in on the gang in Delhi’s R.K. Puram and adjacent Vasanth Vihar, where Tamils live predominantly

BJP MP Chandrashekharan:What CAA does is fast-track citizenship for people who have been refugees for several years. There is no prohibition for others who are not benefited. India fast-tracked citizenship for other groups in the past inc Tamils'>Sri Lankan Tamils, Ugandan Indians etc

#TimesNowSummit | I had opined about the inclusion of Tamils'>Sri Lankan Tamils in the CAA: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar@SriSri ) tells Navika Kumar on 'Unity in Diversity- The New Beginning' at TIMES NOW SUMMIT 2020.

While PM Rajapaksa is on a whirlwind tour he was accompanied by one of his Ministers ShriThondaman who is a true blue Tamil being a descendant of 19th century Tamil plantation labour from India unlike northern Tamils'>Jaffna Tamils . He is dynamic and can be a bridge

@i_amdinesh  Namo seems misled by his bureaucrats. What is there to reconcile? SL wiped out Tamil Terrorists led by LTTE, which killed democratic minded Tamils. Also Namo should ensure motorised boats from TN do not cross the International border in Gulf of Mannar

Some things don’t change. Maybe they can’t. Sri Lanka continues to deny it has a problem with its minority Tamils. India continues to insist it does and advises Colombo to do something about it, writes Aditi Phadnis#IndiaSriLanka  #Tamils 

Indira Gandhi gave citizenship to people from Uganda, Rajiv Gandhi gave citizenship to Tamils from Sri Lanka and there was no hue and cry, so why this double standard on CAA now, asks @rsprasad  while speaking to @sudhirchaudhary  at #IndiaKaDNA 

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Ground Zero | Marginalised, impoverished and largely landless, Tamils who were repatriated to India from #SriLanka  decades ago now carry the new fear of being unable to prove citizenship


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The anchor who interviewed Amit Shah on India Today, seems to be a retard. He asked Amitji what he has to say about my demand for giving SL Tamils Indian citizenship in CAB. In RS debate I said the exact opposite. So too on many TV bytes. Such is the low quality of India Today

I was pleasantly surprised to see a group of Tamils of India who have set up a China Tamil Sangam in Beijing. I met them today at my lecture place at Tsinghua University

Our national TV anchors are mostly non-Tamils and those few who are Tamils are terrified of Dravida Kazhagam. Hence the anchors respectfully call DK types as "Tamil parties". Are parties in other states called e.g., Bengali parties etc.?

"To all Tamils'>British Tamils celebrating today and in the days to come, let me wish you all a happy Thai Pongal, and an auspicious year ahead. Iniya Thai Pongal Nalvazhthukkal.” - Prime Minister Theresa May

Its was a pleasure to receive a call from Mahinda Rajapaksa informing me of the successful presidential campaign of his brother Gotabaya. Oath ceremony is on 20th. Tamil media told me a good number of Tamils have voted for him.

Kalaignar Karunanidhi stood for regional aspirations as well as national progress. He was steadfastly committed to the welfare of Tamils and ensured that Tamil Nadu’s voice was effectively heard.

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Tamils are 5% of India's population. Yet, at Rs44cr net, a Tamil movie has highest first day collections of any Indian film, ever! #Kabali 

In my opinion Tamils must jettison the increasingly jehadi SDPI. After the Colombo blasts the government is going to crack down on the TN terrorists outfits and therefore “I did not know” will no more be justifiable excuse to avoid being arrested

All three members of the Ayodhya Mediation Committee are Tamils

Tamil Nadu was once a land of warriors such as Cholas, Pandyans etc.. My ancestor Rajappa Iyer was PM and Commander in Chief of Tirumala Nayaka kingdom. British brainwashed the Tamils to become clerks and now cinema has made us Tamils spineless submitting to porkis