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68 children among dead in Syria after a bomb attack, keep these children in your thoughts and prayers. Lost young innocent lives. Horrible!
Mexico was just ranked the second deadliest country in the world, after only Syria. Drug trade is largely the cause. We will BUILD THE WALL!
Chemical attack massacre kills, injures 100s of people in Syria. @RichardEngel reports.

WARNING: Disturbing images.
ISIS has lost their “self proclaimed” capital Raqqa, Syria. Very material development in war on terror, defeat ISIS. Thank you US military🇺🇸
A message of hope to the children affected by the conflict in Syria. @SavetheChildren
ISIS is on the run & will soon be wiped out of Syria & Iraq, illegal border crossings are way down (75%) & MS 13 gangs are being removed.
Dear Syria,

We don't even rock with cuz like that so yall can come take him if yall want. Just let us be

The rest of the US!
“Will I die? Miss? Will I die?” This child in Syria was a victim of chlorine gas attack.
These children can't breathe. This is the aftermath of a suspected chemical attack in Syria and it's the third one in just over a week.
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Trump will bomb Syria, but won't the let the children who are being bombed into the United States.
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